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Jeff Stein 

  • Developing your sustainability vision
    • Leading you and your senior management team through a series of exercises that will help you articulate your vision, the star by which you will guide your company's sustainability initiatives.
    • Helped dozens of entrepreneurs define, refine and articulate their vision of a better world.
  • Business plan development
    • From advising to drafting business plans, this will be the blueprint for achieving your goals.
    • Developed business plans for businesses in the retail, apparel and technology sectors.
  • Strategic planning
    • Strategy guides implementation of your business plan within the context of challenging environmental, regulatory, political, and competitive factors.  All the while the focus is kept on creating economic, environmental and social value.
    • Guided the U.S. market entry strategy of a European company that is one of the world's largest organic agricultural producers
  • Sourcing
    • From consulting services and introductions to cutting-edge textile mills across the globe to developing sustainable apparel programs for some of the world’s major brands and retailers.  Clients have access to one of the world’s largest libraries of environmentally sustainable fabrics.  Fibers available include: organic cotton, fair trade organic cotton, soy, bamboo, recycled soda bottle polyester, Ingeo corn-based PLA fiber, Tencel, Modal, Lenzing Viscose, organic and i-Merino wool.
  • Marketing
    • From market research products and services to developing a plan for communicating your targeted message to customers to linking your business with strategic partners who help you extend your reach.
    • Developed marketing plan to guide the San Mateo County (California) Farm Bureau’s launch of its “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” campaign
  • Public relations and inter-governmental affairs
    • With extensive experience in the Washington, DC political arena, can help you reach the key policy, political and media players with whom you need to communicate your unique needs and stories.  Also help you develop a public relations strategy and crafting customized messages targeted for each unique audience.
    • Lobbied African trade ministers, embassies, U.S. Government, United Nations and World Bank to support African Organic Food & Fiber Initiative
  • Brokering private equity investment
    • Many private investors are hungry for great opportunities that will bring strong financial returns and generate environmental and social benefits.  Green Innovations Inc. is well connected to many social-minded investors and can help you raise seed funding, angel investment, venture capital, or private equity funding. 
    • Brokered $300,000 private equity investment to close out a fashion brand client’s mezzanine financing round.