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  • Environmental and social benefits
    • Just as the welfare of plants and animals are interdependent within ecosystems, so are the prospects of enduring profitable businesses tied up in the health of its employees and neighbors, health of the planet, and the social welfare of the members of the communities in which it works.
  • Disruptive products and processes
    • The most successful innovations are often the ones that turn the problem on its head.
  • Price superiority
    • Function, form and value should not be sacrificed for the sake of environmental and social benefits.  When these are value-added attributes of products, then the choice for the consumer is very easy.
  • Global scalability
    • Green innovation is also BIG innovation that aims to change the world.
  • Breaking out of silo thinking -- collaboration across departments, industries and continents
    • Many of the world's greatest innovations were simply applications of existing ideas in different industries.  Modern business has learned much from the scientific method, while many great companies have thrived when science was given a great business model.  Breaking out of the silo requires being able to speak the many languages that are spoken in the different spheres of society.