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Jeff Stein 
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Jeff Stein is a sustainability consultant and entrepreneur with a 10-year record of environmental leadership at the national and international levels.

Green Innovation Inc., his management consulting practice focuses on advising businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in addressing strategic challenges and opportunities in the areas of sustainable supply chain management, organic agriculture, food safety and international development.

Stein has a particular interest in information quality challenges related to managing sustainability in complex supply chains.   This interest led to his work in developing a 'green barcode', a technology that enables automation of supply chain traceability, carbon footprinting and evaluation of any object’s compliance to standards.

Recently, he was invited to serve as a technical reviewer on data quality issues to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative in support of its efforts to develop a global standard for product level carbon footprint impacts within supply chains.

Stein started his career in Washington, DC as Senior Policy Analyst at Taxpayers for Common Sense, one of the leading NGOs over the past decade advocating for greater transparency and accountability in federal government spending. At TCS, Stein led a national campaign to reform U.S. water resources policies.

Stein holds a B.A. in Environment, Economics and Politics from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business with an emphasis on supply chain management.