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AMD to compete with NVIDIA's Titan X and 980 Ti in Perf/Watt?

posted Jun 13, 2015, 8:39 PM by Nathaniel Mills
Rumors have flown around of AMD's R9 390X to be a re brand of the R9 290X which is a major disappointment for computer enthusiasts. But never fear, for AMD also announced that their Fury and Fury X GPUs are to also launch soon. I saw a spec sheet for the aforementioned GPU's and I almost sharted when I saw the Fury's specs.

It consumes slightly more power than the Titan X and the 980 Ti BUT... the TFLOPS are noticeably higher meaning that AMD may not be regarded as the conjurer of inefficient GPUs for much longer...maybe.
I hope that these specs are what the cards will be equipped with at launch and that I will finally consider AMD as the maker of my next GPU.