Our goal is to make it easier for off-grid and grid-tied home residents to make smart choices about managing energy.  Renewable technologies, such as solar and wind, are becoming more widely adopted, however, current best practices for energy use and conservation do not necessarily apply in green homes.  This project seeks to better understand energy generation and consumption in green homes, and to explore automated techniques for helping residents to achieve better utilization of resources.

Do you live in an off-grid or grid-tied home?  Are you interested in participating?

Fill out this online form for more information: Participant Information Form.

We are currently seeking participants to help us in the following ways. 
  • Share your data! We are looking for residents who are willing to share data on how energy is generated and consumed in their off-grid or grid-tied homes.  If you have an existing monitoring system that provides data on the kWh produced and consumed by your whole home, please consider sharing your data with us.
  • Let us measure your energy generation and consumption! We are also looking for participants willing to allow us install our custom measurement system to collect information on the kWh produced and consumed by a home.  If you live in an off-grid or grid-tied home, let us know.
  • Experience the bleeding edge of energy management!  We are looking for a small set of participants willing to allow us to install our custom measurement infrastructure that monitors the power draw of several devices in the home, along with ambient conditions such as temperature.  Using a smartphone application, we provide you with access to the information we collect, and recommend changes that can help you better utilize your energy.
See our highlights for examples of information collected.

This project is supported by National Science Foundation grants CNS-1115728, CNS-1055061, CNS-1018112.