What are the goals of the summit?

We believe that by bringing together the best in the Bay Area sustainability community to connect, share ideas and get inspired, we will be able to make big change happen. The summit will be a success if we all go home feeling energized, with our head full of new, innovative ideas and our hearts ready to "just f*ing do it". 

What will happen each day at the summit?

The event design team is still hard at work crafting this year's agenda. See the Program Page from last year's website for an idea of what transpired. It will be similar. It starts at 11am on Friday and ends at 4pm on Sunday. Folks should consider arriving Thursday night if they can. It's an unconference with a twist.

Who should come?

The conference is geared towards active professionals who are passionate about having a positive social and environmental impact. The sessions will be active and collaborative - and everyone will get to contribute.

What topics will be covered?

It depends on the mix of attendees, but expect the topics to be wide-ranging. In general, they will revolve around making the world a better place through business. Last year there was a strong product design track. This year expect more on design and engineering - as well as corporate strategy, sustainable agriculture, human potential and the future of organizations, and more! 

Should my company pay for it?

The event is driven by the interests and passions of the attendees. If you are interested and passionate about your work, then yes. The Summit will be a great place for you to refine your ideas, further your projects, and meet great people who could become collaborators.


How many folks will be there?

We will limit the group to about 100.

When does it start and end?

The program will begin on Friday, June 17th at 1oam with a series of workshops. The formal program starts at 1pm. However, feel free to join the set-up crew on Thursday night for some fun activities. It will be a great chance to get to know folks early.

We need to leave the camp on Sunday afternoon around 4pm.

What if I can't come Friday?

We strongly encourage you to attend on Friday. The event is all about taking time out from the daily grind to get new inspiration, ideas, and energy to contribute to your personal and professional growth. Being present for the full event will allow you to have a more meaningful experience and create deeper connection with the community of people who will be there. That said, if you can only join us for Saturday and Sunday - we'd love to see you there.

How do I get there? Will there be a carpool?

Unfortunately, there's no good way besides driving. Basic directions can be found here. We are looking into hiring  a bus to and from San Francisco. Last year carpooling was successful and powered by Zimride. Either the bus or carpool will be a great chance to meet and have good conversations with other participants on the way up. 

What's the lodging like?

You'll be staying in rustic wood cabins without heating or air conditioning (not in tents). The cabins have cots but you'll need to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag. You'll most likely have roommates (helps build connections!), you can request who to stay with.

What's covered in the cost of the ticket?

- Lodging
- Lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the day
- All event programming

Who's making all this delicious food?

We all are! The conference organizers will gather and bring all the food to the event. All participants will be assigned one or two cooking sessions throughout the event where they can cook, share a glass of wine and bond over the stove. The only thing that will not be provided is breakfast--everyone is responsible for bringing their own breakfast food. There is a full kitchen available, including tons of refrigeration.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We will provide both omnivore and vegetarian options for lunch and dinner. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please let us know (email: info@greenermindsummit.com with "food" as the subject header) and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

What should I bring?

Must have...
  • Breakfast (we’ll have coffee & tea)
  • Really warm bedding – like sleeping bags, blankets, or comforters (sometimes it gets into the 30s at night!)
  • Pillow!
  • Flashlight or headlamp (a must for walking between cabins at night)
  • Comfortable and warm clothes (and summer clothes…let's be optimistic)
  • Sturdy and comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes (sandals are fine too, but also bring sneakers as it might be cold)
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Ideas and energy to share
  • Notebook and pen
  • Any meds you might need—and don’t forget allergies/asthma (e.g. epi-pen, inhaler, etc.)

Nice to have…
  • BYOB!
  • A water bottle, or on-the-go drinking container of some sort.
  • Quarters for phone calls. We’re rocking it old-school with the payphone. (Pay phone number=707-937-9958)
  • Battery powered alarm (or phone)
  • Lantern or big flashlight for your cabin (it gets dark in there)
  • Camping chairs (for hanging out near the fire, on your front porch, etc)
  • Bathing suit
  • Camera (we’ll share photos after the event)
  • Games, soccer balls, frisbees, sweat bands, twister boards, sweat visors, fire dancing accessories, disco balls, ipods for the dance floor, costumes...you get the idea...BRING FUN!
  • iPod if you want to put on some music at some point
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Mountain bike if you’d like to hit the trails
  • Musical instruments (last year’s impromptu band was awesome!)
  • Yoga mat & attire (there will be a class held at the conference in the AM)!
  • Running shoes/attire (last year there were a few organized trail runs)
  • Hiking boots, a daypack and large water bottle if you want to go on an optional hike
  • Bug repellent
  • Ear plugs

Things you don’t need to bring:
  • Dogs (not allowed at Mendocino Woodlands)
  • Water (delicious spring water already there)
  • Ice (there are machines & a walk-in fridge)
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Coffee and tea

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, the Woodlands does not allow pets.

Is the event family friendly?

Yes! Although the event programming will not be designed for families or children, we're more than happy to have your kids come and splash around in the swimming hole. We ask that all adults buy tickets for the event, but kids are free. Childcare logistics have not been determined.

Is there cell phone reception or internet access?

No cell phone reception (and we're excited about it). There's no internet either. There is a pay phone.


Who is organizing this event?

The GreenerMind summit is being planned primarily by the San Francisco Professional chapter of Net Impact. The San Francisco chapter of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) is partnering to plan and facilitate the event.

Can I help?

Yes! If you're interested in becoming a part of our fun-loving, high-impact group of volunteers, please contact Lora at lora.menter@gmail.com.
Adam Menter,
May 31, 2011, 6:58 PM