Cross-Blogination Press Release
Miami Cross-Blogination Turns the Local Web Upside-Down on Tuesday

Announcing the first ever Miami Cross-Blogination – a day of switcheroo among Miami-based blogs.


Miami, FL September 18, 2006 – On September 19, Miami’s blogosphere will turn itself upside down with the first ever Miami Cross-Blogination event. Twenty-two Miami-based bloggers will stir things up by posting on a randomly selected blog other than their own.


Miami is home to over 50 blogs, with such varied topics as art, environment, veganism, food, Cuban issues, tourism, nightlife, gossip, sex, family, and Miami in general.


Miami Cross-Blogination will not only be an exciting event for the local blogosphere, but also an innovative way to raise community awareness about blogs.  The sites create an open forum that celebrate our varied and contrasting views while also encouraging educated discourse on their given subjects.


Blogs are not new to Miami, but the blogging community is. The area’s bloggers recently met up for the first time, at the urging of Alesh Houdek of Critical Miami. Now that the bloggers have met face-to-face, a real sense of community has formed.


The idea for the Miami Cross-Blogination came from Rebecca Carter of greenerMIAMI, an environmental blog. “It's basically going to be a fun day in which we can use our blogs to create a bit of confusion, mischief, or maybe just great new content by a guest blogger,” wrote Carter on her blog recently.


It is believed to be the first event of its kind, not just in Miami, but in the blogosphere in general.


Find Cross-Blogination Assignments:



Miami Cross-Blogination Participating Blogs:

26th Parallel:

Al Capone

All Purpose Dark

Critical Miami

Dayngrous Discourse


Freckle Face Girl


Hidden City

Klotz as in "Blood"

Mango and Lime

Miami Beach 411

Miami Gringo

Miami Vegan

A Mom, A Blog, and the Life In-Between

Sex and the Beach

The Snap-Crackle-Pop-odopoulus Family

Stuck on the Palmetto

Transit Miami

Urban Paradise

White Dade