Who is Eligible

    The Thanksgiving Outreach is open to any resident of Greene County.  We are looking for people who cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal, who are unable to cook, who are senior citizens, who may not have a large enough family to warrant cooking an entire turkey, who live alone or who may just want to join us for a meal.

In short, if you would like for us to bring you a meal or would like to pick up one or eat in the dining room, then you are eligible.

    You may either have meals delivered or you may pick them up at Cedar Hill after 11:00 or you may join us at Cedar Hill in our dining room after 11:00.  We will stop serving around 12:30 or 1:00 or when we run out of food or visitors.  Our workers and delivery drivers are also encouraged to visit the dining room when they are finished with their jobs.

Please call in your delivery requests or register them online by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.