General Information

What are the times of operation of the event?

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Volunteers should be at:

Trinity UMC at 6:00 to slice the turkey and get it ready for baking

Cedar Hill CP at 6:00 to prepare the serving lines, and do the prep. work such as bagging drinks, loading literature bags and stacking supplies.

On Thanksgiving Day

Volunteers should be at

Trinity UMC at 6:00 am to bake the turkey to be loaded and taken to Cedar Hill at 8:00

The Schedule for Cedar Hill is roughly as follows:

Start gravy 8:00

Start bringing in food at 8:30

Helpers should start arriving at 9:00

Delivery drivers should start reporting to the sanctuary at 9:00

Serving lines will start packing meals at 9:30

Delivery drivers with the longest to travel will start delivery at 9:45

Eat-in and pick-ups will start around 11:00

All delivery drivers should be underway no later than 11:30 and finished no later than 1:00

Clean-up begins around 12:00

What are the procedures for delivery drivers?

Delivery Drivers should report the church sanctuary between 9:00 and 9:15.  When you arrive at the church, the parking directors will tell you where to park so you can get out when needed.

When you arrive you will be asked for any route or general area preferences and will be given a route list and a packing paper.

The route list will contain the names, phone numbers and addresses of the people getting meals along with the number of meals at each household and how many total meals, drinks and literature packs you will need.

Your route will be called to be packed, with the people having the longest travel time or the largest routes being called first.

When you route is called, you will pull your car to the side door of the church, where you give your packing paper to a worker who will fill up your vehicle.

The meal packers can load a car every 2-3 minutes.

There will usually be a few people you will not be able to find or a few who may have forgotten and not be home.  Please call for further instructions if you have any difficulty.