Testimonial from Bill

Peggy and her husband did a terrific job of raising my new Timneh African Grey. I met Scooter and his 2 clutchmasters in Peggy's bird room, which is clean and filled with many happy birds. Peggy spent almost 2 hours with me as I chose my bird. Scooter had been handled a lot, knows step-up and step-down, and is very outgoing with strangers. He was also raised around dogs, which was a plus, as he has no problem with our pack. Our avian vet pronounced Scooter very healthy and extremely well-adjusted.


Beautiful Tame Peach Faced Lovebirds $35 each


Beautiful Fischer's Lovebirds $35

Two lovebirds one is white face blue/green and the other is creamino $35 each


 Green Cheeked Conures hatched April 1 - 11, 09

Three pineapple females $225 each


Parents are yellow sided mother and pineapple father

Turquoise Green Cheeked Conures

One Cinnamon Turquoise Female and two Visual Turquoise Males 

   $250 for visual turquoise males and $350 for cinn. turquoise female


Semi-tame Sun Conure named Coco  will be two in Dec. 2009  Dna'd male

$225 for bird and shipping container or small cage, sleep tent and toys if picked up


Three beautiful hand fed  parrotlets

Blue female and yellow male $100 each, green female $45

Hand Fed Mustached Parakeets weaned in July. $125 dna sexed

one male and one female



Hand fed parrots on SALE!!

These parrotlets are not tame any more... wonderful breeders!

They hatched in April and May, 2009

Yellow male $100

Yellow female $100

Green male $45

Green female $45

Blue female $100

Blue male $100





Pacific parrotlets we raise  are green split to blue, blue, green split to blue and yellow,  green split to yellow,

yellow, yellow split to blue, green split to blue and yellow pastel, white, lutino and green split to lutino .


green split to blue female  $50,  green split to blue male  $75,  blue males and females  $150

green split to yellow and blue female  $55 

green split to yellow male $75, females $50, American yellow  and yellow pastel $175

green split to lutino males $75 and females $55

American white $250 and Lutino $200

 Write or call to see what's available or being fed.




4 year old bonded pair of sun conures in perfect feather and health

working the nest box $400


Proven pair of Plum Headed Parakeets hatched in 2003   $500

Bonded pair of Red Bellied Parrots around 4 years old $500 for pair

Young bonded pair of green cheeked conures $300

Female is normal with turquoise in her bloodline

Male is cinnamon split to turquoise and pineapple


Young bonded pair of Turquoise green cheeked conures

Female is cinnamon turquoise and male is turquoise split to yellowsided turquoise

Hatched in May, 2009  ready to produce in 2010

Sale price $600 for pair



Young bonded pair of green cheeked conures

Females is pineapple and male is yellow sided split to pineapple

can produce pineapple males and females and yellow sided babies  $400