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The Therapies  

"A mediocre doctor cures the disease, a good one prevents it".   (Chinese proverb)   


 Pleasant gentle physical contact creates feelings of well being, it makes us calm and relaxed. It's because the body responds by increasing "happy hormones" like serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. 
Massage lowers the blood pressure and the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. It also helps us to store nutrition and to recover from sickness, for example with massage, wounds heal faster.  In addition, massage therapy makes people more sociable, more mentally alert and improves learning skills. 
Other benefits are increased blood circulation, release of muscle tensions and the removal of waste products through stimulation of the lymph passages. 
With massage the muscle tissue gets softer, this prevent damage to the joints, and alleviates rheumatism and arthritis. 
Since the skins nerve cells are connected with the brain and internal organs, the effects of massage can penetrate entire the body. 

Chinese massage- Tui Na

Using the principles of Chinese medicine, Tui Na is a unique and holistic massage therapy which stimulates acupuncture points to help the body heal itself.  This therapy has been used for more than 4,000 years.  
Tui Na is an effective treatment for problems such as backache, sciatica, tiredness, headache, insomnia, painful periods, colds, tennis elbow and much more. 
Chinese massage can not only be used to improve different permanent conditions, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s, but also to prevent pain and illness. 

Massages on offer

Chinese massage - Tui Na 

 Chinese massage is a holistic massage which uses the principles of Chinese medicine and  acupuncture points. 

Swedish massage

 Swedish massage goes uses a variety of  techniques to deeply penetrate the muscles, making them smoother and stronger by relieving muscle tension and ache and increase blood circulation.  

Tactile massage :

Tactile massage is a very gentle kind of massage with relaxation as the main purpose.  
Commonly used for elderly and more sensitive persons. 

Sitting down massage 

 Sitting down massage is performed sitting down with your clothes on. It can be done at work on a lunch break and is suitable for wheelchair users. 

Massage 60 min 450 sek

90 min 550sek
30 min 300sek

1a) Total body
b) Upper torso

Self Massage 30 min 360sek

Qi Gong – Chinese Internal Energy Therapy

Qigong has been practised in China for thousands of years to maintain and increase physical and mental well being. Qigong is also used to prevent illness by strengthening the body, improving the posture and circulation and thereby increasing energy levels.   
Swedish studies have shown that qigong helps people with nervous exhaustion/ burnout. People felt less stressed and had less absence due to illness. 

Shaolin Qigong

Shaolin internal cultivation calisthenics are 9 simple, but vigorous techniques to promote balance and coordination. If practiced regularly, they offer rapid results in increasing physical and mental vigour.

 Immortal Family Eight Pieces of Brocade [Xianjia Baduanjin  仙家八段錦] 

This ancient secret Taoist sequence of health cultivation Qigong exercises is very easy to learn. The exercises can be performed standing or sitting and they directly stimulate the nervous system, immune system and circulation. At an advanced level, some of the exercises can be performed with your partner, as they involve Internal Alchemy, helping to improve the sexual function in different ways for both men and women. 

In men, the libido and therefore the potency is enhance, sex can be prolonged and premature ejaculation can be prevented. Gentle stimulation of key acupuncture points to and during sex can lead to profound multiple orgasms for the female partner.

As the exercises affect the function of the autonomic nervous system, it is important to be taught by a fully qualified and experienced therapist like Emma. 

Learn the exercises
Shaolin a 9 exercises, 60 min 500sek
TCC Qigong 60 min 500sek
Immortal Family Baduanjin Qigong 60 min 600sek   

                               Aesthetic acupuncture - Cosmetic acupuncture 

Instead of cosmetic surgery try Aesthetic acupuncture -with all the benefits without the side-effects  

Is a Chinese acupuncture method which works from within the body to improve your own natural beauty and appearance by 
Reducing and/ removing wrinkles and scars
 Giving a healthy lustre
 toning slack skin
 reducing/ removing dark spots or bags under the eyes
giving a new vitality to the face and slowing down the skin’s ageing process. 

Aesthetic acupuncture 
10 sessions a 1000 sek. Reduced to 8000sek when paid and booked in advance

                                         Weight loss with ear acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is a pain free, effortless method to help you lose weight.
Treating specific acupuncture points with magnets you will start to lose weight.

 Ear acupuncture can also be done with needles, but unlike the magnets, this process  is not considered completely painless. 

During the treatment you'll have magnets gently adhering to first one ear then the other. For an experienced therapist like Emma, it takes very little time to fit the magnets to the client’s ear, though great precision is required to place them at the correct acupuncture points. 

A possibility is to combine aesthetic acupuncture with needles along with ear acupuncture holistic therapy. This can be useful in targeting specific areas for weight loss, such as the tummy, thighs etc.

It's a  common reaction in patients who are receiving ear acupuncture holistic therapy to experience less hunger afterwards and for them to feel full   despite having eaten smaller portions. 

Ear acupuncture
Needles/magnets 30min/visit a 360sek  4 sessions for 1100sek