What's this all about?

“Green Dot” situations are ones that revolve around participants who are in unusual states of mind: grief, disorientation, fear, confusion, sensory or psychedelic overload, and a wide range of related states that are fueled by the intense and challenging nature of Black Rock City.  

The Black Rock Rangers have developed experience in the successful navigation of these states over many years of practice.  Those skills are grounded in and are an extension of the core Ranger skill set that all Rangers have experience with.

This is a compilation of our best material in Green skills over the last several years. There is a lot of it!  When time is limited, make sure to get the major points for each of the five letters in the acronym.  The rest of the material has either been included later in each of those sections, or at the end as supplementary resources.

This doc: http://bit.ly/2016_ART_of_Green_Dot