Flood damage mitigation in Kenya

Because flood damage to roads, bridges, riverbanks, canals and dams is considerable, a method to reduce impact of floods on infrastructure, and reduce the cost of fixing it, must be welcome. For that reason a presentation on Vetiver System was given in the OCHA meeting on Friday 29 January 2010.

Economic facts
  • floods & drought cost 210 million US$/year - that is > 2% of Kenya's GDP
  • dikes are expensive, and current ones in Kenya often ineffective (this can only be improved by a combi of reducing water runoff in the catchment and strengthening the dikes in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner)
  • in places like Taveta flood damage to homes, farms and roads are a major obstacle to development.
Solutions should be durable and cost-effective.

GCC provides:

  • Technical expertise, design of bio-engineering works*, on-the-job training:
    • slope protection for roads, railways, dikes, dams (silt traps);
    • aligning waterways;
    • rehab of gullies, wasteland, assisting return of natural vegetation, bio-diversity.
  • Facilitation of land use planning, watershed down to community level capacity building.
  • Advice on extension, up-scaling strategies for agriculture & livestock innovations related to land & water management.
*: The measures advised (essentially Vetiver System, at times in combination with re-vegetation of larger catchment, hydro-mulch and/or tensar mats for particularly challenging slopes, are in most cases more sustainable, creating local employment, and cost-effective in controlling erosion, improving drainage, reducing landslide risks and reducing siltation of dams and canals. 

News: Vetiver System making its entry in the road sector

In April the Ministry of Roads' ROADS2000 programme (ILO/SIDA) organised a Training of Trainers on Soil & Water Conservation for roads technicians of KHIBT and KERRA. Vetiver System featured in class and in practice. See page 'Projects & clients'. 
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