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Green Spring Fire Department

The Green Springs Fire Department in efforts to better serve the residents of our fire District are 
offering two new services. The First will assist Police, Fire, and EMS in locating residences in the area by 
providing reflective address signs to residents. These signs need to be mounted near the roadway in 
front of each residence. They are able to be purchased from the Fire department directly for a cost of 
$10 which covers the cost of the sign. They also can purchase them from the Corner Drive thru here in 
Green Springs.

The second is the Fire Department is offering smoke detectors free of charge to anyone in our 
fire district who has a need for them. We would like to see several working smoke detectors in every 
home. If you are in need of either of these lifesaving items please contact us at 
chief@greenspringsfire.com, 419-639-2222, or you can stop by the station any Monday night between 
the hours of 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.