See the PDF Files attached below for an informative overview of Portfolio Manager, new EPA software, to track your multifamily building's utility usage and earn the prestigious Energy Star certification.

Learn about Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management, the Energy Star 1 - 100 Scoring System, Benchmarking Energy & Water Consumption, Energy Star Objectives, Energy Star Certifications for Multifamily Housing, free Training in Portfolio Manager and Relevant Links for more Information about Portfolio Manager & the Energy Star Certification. 

Want to learn how to earn Energy Star Certification for your multifamily building using the free EPA Portfolio Manager software?  Check out www.phillybuildingbenchmarking.com to get information about how to collect and enter the required data.  The City of Philadelphia now requires managers of all multifamily buildings with more than 50,000 square feet to report their energy usage using Portfolio Manager, and regulations, including reporting timetables, are now being developed.  Explore the PDF Files attached below for an informative overview of Benchmarking Energy & Water consumption in Philadelphia.

Read about Benchmarking Energy & Water Usage in Buildings, Get Started using Portfolio Manager, View Relevant News & Updates, Peruse Greenworks, the City's Sustainability Plan Blog and Review Past Benchmarking Results on the Philadelphia Building Benchmarking Website.

Become acquainted with the Mayor's Office of Sustainability:  the Ambitious 15 Sustainability Targets in the Areas of Energy, Environment, Equity, Economy and Engagement to Make Philadelphia the Greenest City in America, Environmental Initiatives such as Solar Energy & Tree Planting, and Bountiful Resource Links Relevant to the Greening of Philadelphia on the Mayor's Office of Sustainability (MOS) Website.

Browse the Latest Sustainability Projects, Relevant Green Events and Environmentally Sensitive News of the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) Website.

Discover Enhanced Environmental Protections and Increased Financial Values through the use of Energy Star Products, Tools, Programs, Services and Resources on the Energy Star Website.
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Oct 16, 2015, 10:05 AM
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