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September 2011
Stage 1 Water Restrictions in Effect - City of Keller

See the link to the city website

Water restrictions ( 

August 2010 - New trash days

1. Our new trash pickup days will be Mondays and Thursdays; Thursdays will be recycle days.
2. If you want an extra bin, they arrived at City Hall today and you can stop by to get one.
3. Our recycle trash will be picked up by the old company on Tuesday, August 31st. If you put your bins out on Tuesday, they are supposed to take the old blue bins with them. It may not work like that, though!
4. Our recycle trash will also be picked up (by the new company) on Thursday, 9/2. They will accept green and/or blue bins – so if you want, you can keep your old bins for overflow.
5. If the old company doesn’t take your old blue bins with them on Tuesday, 8/31, you can try to put them out empty on Thursday, 9/2 and hope that the new company will take them with them.
We found out at City Hall this afternoon that they will not release extra bins to residents until 9/1. They are very serious about this!
Also – you cannot pick up an extra bin for anyone else. Not anyway – not anyhow!
And – the second bin is free.