Project: Environmental Management

Project: Managing Environmental Risk

Client: UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

UNICEF's new Multi-Country Programme for the Pacific region covers 9 countries, which have specific environmental vulnerabilities, such as susceptibility to climate change and limited fresh water resources. In order to ensure that UNICEF's activities do not cause a risk to the environment, people and UNICEF's reputation, a rapid initial environmental impact assessment was undertaken. This is a review of environmental and social impacts resulting from activities within the Multi-Country Programme.

Field visits around Fiji and to the environmentally fragile island of South Tarawa in Kiribati showed a number of areas where UNICEF could make changes to reduce its environmental and social impacts. Once the risks were identified, an Environmental Management Plan for managing environmental and social issues was developed. The Environmental Management Plan helps staff to identify site specific risks and mitigation measures as they implement the Multi-Country programme.

Photo: Medical Waste Incinerator, South Tarawa Hospital

''We appreciated Rachel's ability to engage our team. Her risk management approach and concrete recommendations, based on a solid review and analysis will help us address these essential issues in our country programme''

Isabelle Austin, UNICEF