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Main commitments:  My law practice is now exceeding 50 years.  It began with a dual commitment to law and to physics/engineering.  See "gallery 11: Professional Engineering" on Navigation Bar of http://www.ronalddavidgreenberg.com.   See, e.g., "gallery" at "Army Ballistic Missile Agency" on Navigation Bar.  See also "curriculum vitae" at "SELECTED EDUCATION" on Navigation Bar.

A major commitment -- 25 years -- was teaching business law and tax at Columbia University, Graduate School of Business, with visiting professorships at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business (1978) and Harvard University, Graduate School of Business (1981).

For 15 of the 25 years at Columbia, a substantial commitment was also made as counsel to Delson & Gordon, N.Y.C. law firm (1973-1987).  See "gallery 8: law firm; consulting/lecturer; corporate/engineering (E.I.T.)" on Navigation Bar of http://www.ronalddavidgreenberg.com

My main commitments currently are to complete written works in progress, the highest priority of which are: (1) an article updating my article on the Eurodollar market published in 71 California Law Review 1492 (1983); (2) an article related to the Eurodollar article update suggesting a way of resolving the partisanship/gridlock in the United States Congress on lingering issues related to financial institutions/industry; (3) a textbook on international business law and taxation (approximately 1600 pages) to be submitted to publishing houses. Therefore, I have not been accepting matters from new clients except in extraordinary circumstances, nor have I sought to teach any courses. 

See alsohttp://www.lawofficeofronalddavidgreenberg.comFor more on "ronald david greenberg" generally, see, e.g., https://www.google.com/#filter=0&q=%22ronald+david+greenberg%22&start=0.  For more on "Ronald D. Greenberg" generally, see, e.g.https://www.google.com/#filter=0&q=%22ronald+d+greenberg%22&start=0.

Practice: The Firm's practice focuses on business law and taxation, including certain international dimensions of these areas. It includes experience with close corporations, large multinationals, and limited liability companies. It has engaged in training programs on business law and tax for commercial banks, investment banks, and other organizations.

Practical scholarly publications:   An integral part of the practice is dedicated to the publication of practical scholarly writings on the aspects of business law and tax.
  For selected published works,  click "selected publications" on Navigation Bar.   See also "work in progress" on Navigation Bar or on Navigation Bar of http://www.ronalddavidgreenberg.com.  The firm's publications and works in progress -- born out of experience in the subject covered -- focus on practical legal subjects and emphasize scholarship (e.g., crediting prior relevant works of others that have some expertness on matter (e.g., professors, lawyers, engineers, executives, citizens) and government institutions (e.g., Congress, commissions, state legislatures)).  See, e.g., Adam Liptak, Keep Those Briefs Brief, Literary Justices Advise, New York Times A12 (May 21, 2011) [The justices had very little good to say about articles published in law reviews.. "What the academy is doing, as far as I can tell," Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said, "is largely of no use or interest to people who actually [sic] practice law."].  For more on this subject, e.g., click here  [Justice Roberts on law reviews:  he doesn't pay much attention to academic legal writing; law review articles are “more abstract” than practical and not “particularly helpful for practitioners and judges.”]; here [McCrate report];  here  [at Blog at WordPress.com on McCrate report, e.g., majority of legal academics out of touch with the reality of legal practice and inappropriately preoccupied with producing what the author terms “impractical” scholarship]; here  [Lexis-Nexis synopsis of Brent E. Newton, Preaching What They Don't Practice: Why Law Faculties' Preoccupation with Impractical Scholarship and Devaluation of Practical Competencies Obstruct Reform in the Legal Academy, 62 S.C. L. Rev. 105 (Fall (Nov.), 2010): e.g., the academy -- re preparation of law students to enter profession and type of scholarship its professoriate is producing -- has lost its practical moorings.]; here  [law reviews; impractical scholarship];  and here  [law reviews; impractical].

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