Rider Reference Material and Teaching Resources

Greenbelt belongs to Equine Canada and Horse Canada, organizations that promote equestrianism across Canada. Included in there are worksheets and rubrics for the evaluation both of coaches and of riders.

Parents and riders are invited to browse the rubrics to get a sense of the progression of skills that will be taught in your lessons.  Ask us either for more information, or for an assessment of your riding, or for opportunities available for both recreational and competitive riding.

    Code of Conduct - Profanity will not be tolerated. All visitors will be greeted politely and helpfully.
    Dress Code - footwear, helmets, professional attire (no halter tops, short shorts)
    Barn Code - Blankets, grooming, wash stalls
    Riding Code - Pass on the left, don't stand in doorways, don't stop on the track, slower on the inside

Rider Evaluation

The evaluation rubrics for English Rider Levels 1 to 7 are produced by Equine Canada and are only linked here.
Also available are the 2011 Training Level Tests - Available for practice.

Rider Resources:

There are some great books available in bookstores and from the public library to help riders learn the foundations and theories of riding and horse behaviour and help round out their knowledge and complement the practical teachings in their lessons.

Here are a few that Walter recommends:
  • Centred Riding 2; written by Sally Swift
  • The Mind of the Horse, An Introduction to Equine Cognition; written by Michael Anotine Leblanc

Coaching Certification

NCCP/EC Equestrian Theory

Date:Consult NCCP for Current Dates
Boardroom, Equine Canada Offices,
308 Legget Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1Y6, Canada

Organizer:Education Department, Ontario Equestrian Federation

Lesson Ideas

Responsible Equestrianism