Why You Should Come Visit Us

Horseback riding is a unique experience enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Nothing can quite match the bonding which occurs between horse and rider, or the thrill of riding such a majestic animal.  
 At the Greenbelt Riding School, we strive to teach the skills that are required to enjoy horseback riding with safety and confidence.

Whether you're just starting out or have been riding for years, we offer riding lessons for riders of all ages and experience levels in the following English riding disciplines: dressage, hunter and jumper.

What To Expect

We are a riding school - We offer coaching for the development of riders and of horses.  Lessons can be taken privately or in groups based on age and on experience.  

  • A lesson consists of 60 minutes on the horse plus care of the horse
    • We ask you to arrive 20 minutes before your lesson's time to brush your horse and to saddle-up
    • After a lesson, you will need 15 minutes to put away the saddle and to brush the horse.
  • All riders must wear CSA-certified horse helmet (bike helmets are not permitted under the law)
  • All riders must wear proper footwear - with a small heel (so that your foot does not slip through the stirrup) and small tread (so that your foot does not get stuck on the stirrup). Running shoes and hiking boots (with thick tread) are not suitable.
We are not a trail-riding facility -- we do not offer trail rides to the general public.

What's the Best About Our School?

You're on Greenbelt time!

We offer a relaxed atmosphere that understands the demands of life.  If you're sick or just too tired, give us a call and we'll make up the time later.

Come early, stay late! Enjoy your time with the horses.