Full-Time Barn Staff

posted Jul 11, 2014, 5:53 PM by Walter Kahrer   [ updated Dec 27, 2014, 4:58 PM ]

Position: Full-Time, Monday-Friday (7 AM until 3 PM - Non-negotiable 7 AM start)
Availability: Immediately

Job Summary

We are seeking a mature, experienced, full-time stable hand who will take the primary lead in the daily running of the barn as well as maintenance of the property and school facilitites.  Because we are a riding school, the barn staff must also be interact with riding students and their parents, supporting the coaches between lessons. Opportunities are possible for coaching, once established and if suitable.

The barn staff answer directly to the owner, and work in partnership with the office staff to plan and organize supplies and tasks. 

Key Responsibilities

Daily Care of the 25 school horses and 12 boarders
  • Adhering to feeding and supplement schedule, with a turn-in and turn-out for a morning feeding and an afternoon feeding.
  • Cleaning of stalls and sweeping of barns.
  • Keeping stable area, arena and yards tidy sweeping, raking and watering.
  • Monitoring horses for health and soundness.
  • Re-stocking of feed and hay wagons, keeping of outdoor water troughs
  • Ideally, delivering hay bales via tractor to the paddocks
  • Supporting coaches during lessons, by: greeting customers,  retrieving horses, tacking up, leading horse to/from ring or arena.
Continuing Maintenance of the Property
  • Weekly cleaning of the school facilities - clubhouse, washroom, locker room.
  • Manage the garbage and recycling on the property so that the property remains clean.
  • Mowing of the grass (summer) and plowing and/or shoveling of snow (winter)
  • Fence and jump repair 
  • Periodic (weekly, monthly) cleaning: bleaching of water bowls, clearing of spider webs, tuning stall doors.
  • General care, organization and cleaning of the tack of the school herd.
As Needed
  • Holding horses for vet, dentist and farrier
  • Administering general first aid and help in administering prescribed medications (including injections)
  • Grooming and bathing of horses.
  • Training of young horses
  • Exercising of school horses (lunging, riding)

Job Requirements
  • Physically fit (Details listed below to emphasize the primacy of this job requirement)
  • Ability to work alongside others and as a team. Working with horses is physically demanding and everyone needs to share responsibilities collaboratively.
  • Good communication skills and a professional demeanor while on-property, both with boarders, riding students (children, teens, adults) and other staff.  Preparedness to sign a code of conduct.
  • Experience in the above duties - Established horse and barn experience (References required)
    • Equine Studies is an asset.
  • Handy enough (hammer, drill, power saws) to handle routine maintenance.
  • Independent work ethic and ability to follow a schedule without oversight.
  • Proactive initiative in assessing horses' needs and in identifying maintenance needs and safety concerns
  • Willing to follow instructions and adapt to our protocol and specific operational procedures.
  • Either able to drive or be willing to learn to drive a tractor, to load hay bales and spread manure.
Physical Requirements
  • Strength to hold and lead strong, young horses
  • Strength to push full wheelbarrows up manure piles
  • Fitness (strength & stamina) and work ethic to finish mucking 30+ stalls according to schedule.


This job description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties.  The responsibilities, tasks and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outline above and other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job.  

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