Common Questions

We are not a trail-riding facility -- we do not offer trail rides to the general public, only to current students.

We ride year-round! We have a wonderful heated arena. Besides, it's a wonderful experience riding in sunshine and in snow.

  • When asking about lessons, we will need your previous experience, your height and weight -- Nothing personal -- we simply want to choose a suitable horse!
  • A lesson consists of 60 minutes on the horse plus care of the horse
    • We ask you to arrive 20 minutes before your lesson's time to brush your horse and to tack-up
    • After a lesson, you will need 15 minutes to put away the saddle and to brush the horse.
  • All riders must wear CSA-certified horse helmet (bike helmets are not permitted under the law)
  • All riders must wear proper footwear - with a small heel (so that your foot does not slip through the stirrup) and small tread (so that your foot does not get stuck on the stirrup). Running shoes and hiking boots (with thick tread) are not suitable.
  • For your first lesson, we ask that you come even 5 minutes earlier to complete the waiver paperwork and to check the fit and suitability of your helmet and boots
    • A waiver is available under Forms that you can print ahead of time and bring in.
  • For absolute beginners, consider:
    • Even if you are joining a group, we will try to schedule a time before/after your intended group lesson for a private introduction, for one-on-one instruction on your first lesson
    • You are welcome to rent a helmet and boots at first.
    • You will be taught how to brush the horse, and to put on the saddle and bridle. You will be given help until you feel confident in doing it yourself.
  • We are flexible - things change!
    • The horse you first get is not the horse you will always ride - we want to match you in skill and in temperament
    • The time you first choose to ride at can change -- people progress at different rates, and people have different goals
    • Always feel free to ask us about changes and opportunities!  Let us know!