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Summer Camps

To hold your space, we require payment to be included with registration:

  1. Registration Form :  Word Version  or  PDF Version
  2. Payment: Cash or Cheque (Payable to Greenbelt Riding School). Prices do not include HST
Please deliver the two items to the farm  or 
Mail to Greenbelt Riding School, 3960 Albion Road, Ottawa, K1T 1B4

If you cannot print the documents at home, you are welcome to drop by our office where we have printed copies available..

 Week 1 July 2-6 Week 2 July 9 - 13  Program  Before April 30 After
 Week 3 July 16-20 Week 4 July 23-27  Tiny Hooves 5-6 yrs, beginner $400 $425
 Week 5 July 30- Aug 3 Week 6  Aug 6 - 10  Pasture Pals7 above, beginner
 $400 $425
Week 7Aug 13 - 17 Week 8Aug 20 - 24Hoofbeats can walk & trot $400 $425
 Week 9 Aug 27 - 31    Jumpercan steer while cantering  $475 $500

Fast Facts

  • Greenbelt Summer Camps are one-week day camps, suitable for children from 5 to 14 years old. 
    • For weeks that include Canada Day and the August Civic holiday - Camp is open. Please tell us whether your child will attend. Your weekly rate will be reduced by 1/5
  • Riders range from absolute beginners to competition jumpers.
  • Camp runs from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, with early drop-off and late pickup available at cost.
    • Early drop off : 8h00 to 8h50
    • Late pickup available :  4h15 to 5:00 PM. 
      • An additional charge of 5.00$ for every 10 minutes after 5:00 PM
  • No refunds are given. We will look for another space in another week. 
  • Helmet and boots can be rented (see the registration form). You don't need to buy your own, if you are just starting out.

Our  1-Week Programs 

Our Riding Camps are sorted into three programs that group together children by age and riding experience. Find the program that best matches your child.
  • Tiny Hooves ( 5 and 6 years, new or semi-beginner )
  • Pasture Pals (7 years and up, new or semi-beginner)
  • Hoofbeats ( 7 years and up, with minimum of 1 session of previous riding experience, able to walk, trot and learning to canter)
  • Jumper (must be able to steer while cantering, get pre-approval from Walter) 
Typical Schedule
Morning: Riding lesson (1 1/2 hour riding plus tacking up).
Lunch & Recreation:
  • Horsey" Arts and crafts include painting live ponies and making "horse cookies"
  • Being on a farm is about being outdoors: Catch a frog, run through a sprinkler, feed a horse, kick a ball.
Afternoon: In  the afternoon, another riding lesson, plus races and games on horseback, bareback riding, and cowboy magic for ground work where you learn what it takes for a horse to respond to you. "

What to Bring?

  • Riding apparel
    • CSA-approved riding helmet (can be rented).  Bicycle helmets are not permitted.
    • Safe riding boots (can be rented).  A small heel with small tread keeps the rider safe
      • Running shoes slip and let the foot get caught in the stirrups
      • Hiking boots with large tread get stuck in the stirrups.
    • Long pants for riding.  Bring along shorts and change after riding.
  • Swim wear for water games at the end of the day.
  • Change of summer clothes - Children may get wet while bathing the horses or during water games
  • Lunch and snacks – we are a garbage-free zone, anything non-recyclable must be taken home!
    • No peanuts are allowed at Greenbelt because of allergies
  • Sunscreen, hat, rain gear.
Special needs?

We welcome any rider with special needs as long as we can ensure their safety and the safety of others.  We require advance notice to be given at the time of registration.  If a special need is discovered during camp, the parents may be asked to pick up their child. We are not a therapeutic camp and we cannot have more then one child per week with special needs. Thank you for your understanding..

Check out our Photo Gallery for pictures of previous camps