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March Break Day Camp

To hold your space, we require payment to be included with registration:

  1. Registration Form :  Word Version  or  PDF Version
  2. Payment: Cash or Cheque (Payable to Greenbelt Riding School). Prices do not include HST
Please deliver the two items to the farm  or 
Mail to Greenbelt Riding School, 3960 Albion Road, Ottawa, K1T 1B4

If you cannot print the documents at home, you are welcome to drop by our office where we have printed copies available..
Dates: March 12-16, 2018  

Quick Facts about our Camp (Full descriptions are detailed below) :

  • The camp is suited for children of  ages 7 - 14 years old.  In summer camp, we can take younger children because we have a cohort of volunteers to help, but for the March break , we are unable to take on younger children.
  • Come one day, or all five. It's your choice!
  • Whatever level, your child will have two riding lessons per day.  
  • Greenbelt offers a riding experience beyond the lesson. Throughout the day, we involve our campers in as many aspects of horse care as is suitable to their age level: grooming, foot care, first aid care, feeding, mucking, tack care. Older experienced campers may also get riding time by helping in beginner classes (e.g. ride in front to provide an even pace) or training school ponies.
Camp Logistics
  • Drop off:  8:30 until 9:00 AM.   
  • Pick up   4:00 until 4:30 PM 
  • Early Drop off (8:00 am) and Late Pick up (5:00 pm) is possible, with additional payment. 
  • Weather in March is variable: We do have an indoor heated arena, but please equip your child to be outside all day.  Please bring: warm outdoor clothing, lunch, snacks and water bottle, riding apparel and a pair of warm socks and another pair of pants.
  • Riding helmets and boots can be rented.  Helmets and boots are to be put away each day, and not to be taken home.
  • Brushes have to be purchased ($25.00  for new, $12 for used) if you do not have your own.

Sample Instruction Sessions (As appropriate to age and experience)

  1. So you want to be a horse whisperer? Learn how horses communicate.  Who are the horse whisperers of today?  Through games on foot and on horseback, this day is devoted to “understanding horse behaviour”
  2. So you want to learn to jump? Study and discuss jumping techniques, setting up tracks, pacing.  In the clubhouse.  Everything we do will revolve around JUMPING!
  3. So you want to show?  Learn about all the background work needed to enter shows, including how to braid manes and tails, shine hooves and make the coat shine.
  4. Homemade Snacks for Horses: Make your own treats for your favourite horse.