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Beginner Riding Clinics with Walter

Riding is a conversation with a horse. Listening to your horse's responses is as important as giving clear precise leg and rein aides.  It all begins with being centred with your horse. It begins with your seat.

This clinic is aimed at beginner Walk-Trot riders who have reached that first level of achievement: an ability to post and to do basic turns and stops. You will learn to deepen your seat to become more secure, more balanced and to get to know your horse better.

8:00 : Arrive and Tack up
8:30 : Ride & Learn
10:00 – 10:30 : Coffee & Chat
10:30 - 11:30 : Practice, Practice
Noon: Lunch

Date: Let us know which of the following options is good.

Sunday, December 7
Sunday December 21
Sunday January 4

Cost: $70 cash.

Winter Training Clinics with Walter

Ever wonder how to train a green horse? Or perhaps you wanted to develop your horse further?

We have some green horses that we are going to start training for the spring.  Walter will be regularly working with select riders to train them, and we are inviting you to come along.  Sit nearby, watch the exercises unfold, ask questions.

Each week will feature a new training objective. The young horses will be broke first from the ground.  The horses will be taught how to respond to a leg and to the rein, before a rider ever climbs on.  Green horses will be worked to develop specific muscles, to prepare both the strength and stamina needed for jumping.  Learn how to develop the correct neck muscles, those that soften the neck and allow your horse to frame and accept the bit. Learn how to soften the back muscles and build the stifles, all to facilitate quick turns and safe landings.Watch - and then practice yourself on your own horse.  You and your horse will be fit for competition by the spring!

When: Send us an email to receive notifications of training times.
Nothing for watching
Potential Opportunities: Join as a rider

Christmas Clinics with Christie Schneider

Christie Schneider is riding here at Greenbelt for the upcoming year, having moved to Ottawa for a job.  Christie and her sisters Melissa and Cheryl Schneider themselves own a barn in the Montreal area called Valkyr Stables.  Christie herself has ridden up to the International level, mostly in Hunter with some Jumper. Christie also coaches, from beginners to international jumpers. Here at Greenbelt, she is now training with Walter with his show jumpers.

WatchYouTube Video of Christie jumping our own Arctic

Register by sending us an email. Payment due before clinic.

Clinic 1: Saturday, January 3rd, 4 PM

Ever wondered what classes to go into at the shows, which you might prefer over others? This clinic goes over the different types of classes available at the shows (Hunters, Equitation’s, Medals and Jumpers) and what judges are looking for in each class. This 2 hour clinic goes over each type of class and shows the differences and similarities of each class and how to build on what you learn from one class to the next. Each rider will have the opportunity to ride a course (or more) from each class. Aimed towards intermediate or advanced riders.

Cost:$50 + HST

Clinic 2: Sunday, January 4th 2 PM

Flat Work forms the base for all disciplines and is especially important anyone looking to jump. This 1.5 hour clinic goes over the basics of flat work; proper placement of the rider, rider aides, proper placement of the horse and how to get them there. The clinic covers exercises to help riders obtain a well balanced and supple horse. Open to all level riders and all level horses and is especially excellent for green horses.

Cost: $50 + HST

Clinic 3: Sunday, January 4th 4:30 PM

 How many strides is that line? Is it slow or do you need a good pace? How do I set up my own poles (or jumps) to practice? Why do you walk a course before going in the ring? What is a good distance...Why? Have you ever asked these questions? If you still don’t have a good answer this is the clinic for you! During this 1 hour clinic we will go over how to walk a course, how to count strides, finding distances, and setting up trotting poles or lines.

No riding during clinic but can be combined with a 1-hour ride after.

Cost of Clinic only: $20 + HST
Cost of Clinic and Riding: $50 + HST