Horse Camps

Camps offer an immersive experience where horsemanship is taught, skills of handling a horse on the ground, teaching signals, encouraging you to be more confident in your conversation with the animals. Learn about healthcare, animal likes and dislikes, horses' love of apples and carrots, maintenance and care-taking of your equipment, keeping it soft and flexible so that your horse enjoys a comfortable bridle and you enjoy a clean and soft saddle to sit on.

Camps for children 5 to 14 (Summer camp) and 7 to 14 (March break) are offered to coincide with holiday times in both the English and the French boards.

    Registration Opens:  Coming soon..

March Break Camp
    Registration Opens: January 24, 2017

PD Days: Have a PD day at Greenbelt.  
For $90, you get to spend the whole day - supervised - and get to ride a lot more, while also helping out around the barn, wash ponies and help with feeding. 
          For ages 14 and under.