Trail Rides (Boarders and Current Students ONLY)

We do not offer open trail rides to the public.  These rides are open only to current riding students and boarders of Greenbelt Riding School.  

The Osgoode Trail is about 3 km from the Greenbelt, down Albion Road with access at Leitrim Road and Rideau Road. It lies on the old train track bed and runs all the way to Kemptville.

For us, it is a 5 minute trailer ride, so anyone can request a ride with 1 or 2 weeks in advance, and we will organize a trail ride.

Cost: Depending on time, it will be the cost of a practice ride (or two, if expected to be riding for more than 2 hours) plus a $20 trucking fee.  Money must be paid before departure.


1. Bring a gardening trowel or hand-rake to move any droppings into the grass beside the trail.

2. Bring a cell phone for an emergency call, but 
  a) No incoming phones calls may be taken.
  b) Phones must be in a zippered pocket. We have lost phones before.

3. The group must stay together. Riders must not lag behind or hurry on ahead.


  1.  1. There are bicycles on the trail.  If needed, ask the cyclists to stop while you pass. Horses are much better when the bike is not moving.

 2. The trail crosses paved roads.

Rides are being organized for Sunday afternoons (except for show days).  We will alternate with Adult-only rides and Children-rides, unless demand indicates otherwise.
Trailer Fee: $30
Horse Fee: $30
Payment required up-front when you register. No refunds.
Minimum 3 riders. Maximum 6 riders.  If the rider is a child (less than 18), there must be two other adult riders.
Registration closes 24 hours before (Saturday 6 PM).