1.      FREE TIME. Do you have a lot of spare time?

2.      Do you 'go out' during the week?

3.      Do you go to discotheques, bars, pubs... or you prefer 'a quiet evening' at the cinema?

4.      Do you play any instruments? Which ones?

5.      How often do you have to practise your musical instruments? everyday? Once a week?

6.      What type of music do you like?

7.      How often do you go to the concerts? Are they expensive?

8.      Do you like reading?

9.      What type of books do you prefer? Adventure stories? Love stories? Science fiction books? Mystery? Why?

10.  Do you like films?

11.  What types of film do you prefer? (Comedies, action films, romances, horror films, war films, documentaries, cartoons)

12.  How often do you go to the cinema? Who do you go with?

13.  Do you watch a lot of television? What kinds of programmes do you like watching? (News, sports, soap operas situation comedies, chat shows, quizzes, musicals, etc.)

14.  What is your favourite programme? Why?

15.  Do you ever go to the theatre?

16.  Do you listen to the radio? How often? What kind of programmes?

17.  Do you have a computer at home? If so, what do you use it for? Do you ever play computer games? Do you explore de Internet?

18.  THE FAMILY. How many brothers and sisters do you have? How old are they?

19.  How many people live in your home?

20.  Are you an only child? If so, would you like to have a brother or sister?
What does your mother do?

21.  What does your father do?

22.  Do you spend much time with your family?

23.  Do you have to help around your house? What do you do to help your mother and father?

24.  Who washes the dishes and makes the beds in your house?

25.  How often do you visit your grandparents?

26.  Do you have many cousins?

27.  Do you visit your cousins and uncles al weekends?


29.  What did you do yesterday morning?

30.  What did you do in the afternoon?

31.  Did you do your homework in the evening?

32.  What time did you go to bed?

33.  What did you so last weekend?

34.  Did you visit anything special on Saturday evening?

35.  Where did you go last summer?

36.  Did you visit any relative (grandparents, cousins, uncles…)


38.  What have you done today?


40.  Have you ever seen a ghost?

41.  Have you ever been abroad? (France, England, etc)

42.  Have you ever met a pop star?

43.  Have you ever eaten snails?

44.  Have you ever drunk beer or wine?


46.   Do you live in a house a flat?

47.  Is there a garage?

48.  Have you got a garden?

49.  What rooms are there in your house? Name them.

50.  How many bedrooms are there in your house?

51.  What is your bedroom like? Describe it.

52.  Do you like the sitting room? Describe it.

53.  Describe your ideal house. Where else would you like to live?


55.  How old are you?

56.  What kind of person are you? Cheerful? Talkative? Shy? Describe yourself.

57.  If you were able to, what would you change about yourself? (Physical appearance and personality).

58.  If you weren't you, who would you like to be?

59.  What makes you happy?

60.  What makes you sad?

61.  What do you worry about the most?

62.  What job would you like to do when you leave school? Why?

63.  Who is your best friend? Why?

64.  Apart from your parents, who has had the greatest influence on your life? How?

65. Where do you come from?