“Koinonia” is a Greek word for community.

St. Paul used the word to describe the early Philippian Church.


Koinonia is a Catholic retreat, and is an invitation to encounter Jesus while continuing life's journey. Koinonia meets everyone where they are at and assists them on their spiritual journey.


Koinonia is a faith experience that cannot be explained. It is different for each of us, just as we are different from each other.


Koinonia brings the Paschal Mystery to life; the dying and rising of Christ are experienced in a real and powerful way.


The weekend consists of talks, discussions, reflections, sharing, prayer, and liturgical celebrations.


Koinonia brings each person into one community, one body gathered in the name of Jesus, who is the center of the weekend.


Koinonia adheres to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The experience is led by a team of lay people, clergy and religious, and is held in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.


The Koinonia Community invites you to come and experience a retreat weekend!


To quote Pope John Paul II: “A periodic retreat is helpful for every Christian because, in leaving behind daily tasks and focusing on prayer, one experiences anew the mystery and