How do businesses and communities partner to learn about, profit from and adopt green and local business solutions?

By working together! 

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Our Spring 2007 Green Business Mini - Conference at Webster University was a great success! Check back soon for video, proceedings, and follow-up information. In the meantime, take a look at the conference program: Click here for details!

Opportunity Green

Opportunity Green

Sustainable Business Networks: Working with neighborhoods and communities to “do good while doing well.

Mission, Benefits and Membership:

We're committed to socially and environmentally responsible business and development practices:

  • How can businesses support sustainable neighborhoods and ecosystems?
  • How can we support green & local businesses?

Learning to make smart choices: 

For local food, solar building, renewable energy, green procurement, fair trade, fair wages, diversity, community wellness, media democracy and much more.

We are working to build a liveable local economy.

Working together, businesses and consumers can add value through green and community-appropriate design, development and business practices.

“Thinking globally and acting locally” increases neighborhood livability, local prosperity and earth's well being.

Sustainable Business Networks: Helping businesses, neighborhoods, consumers and the broader community to “buy local and buy green”:

SBN is a place for learning and forming network partnerships.

SBN discount Founding Memberships benefits: 

  • Green and Local Expo / Conference 
  • Listings in the Green Business Network
  • Directory & related web,print & television listing & advertising for local & global placement.
  • Access to BALLE and SBN green & socially responsible purchasing, online SBN marketplace, discount cards, local currencies & more.
  • Learning Resources: BALLE and SBN lecture series, peer mentoring, consulting & assistance with sustainable business certifications.
  • Connections to planning resources, agencies, green advertising, products, services, and business opportunities.
  • Opportunities to participate in Sustainable Business Incubators, marketing, networking, financing, social entrepreneurship & partnering locally & worldwide.

 Membership Options:

You and or your organization, business or network association can join the Sustainable Business Networks Exploratory Net in several ways:

Organizational membership: I represent a business or non-profit organization or association or network, and we wish to join the Sustainable Business Network.  Organizational membership generally requires a $100 membership fee or an  equivalent agreement.

Individual Membership: Join and donate to the Sustainable Business Network. Donations can be at any level that works for you:
$10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $________

As a member, you receive access to the following resources: 

Receive the Sustainable Business Network Newsletter & event updates .

Participate in the Sustainable Business Network Lecture Series and the Sustainable Community Workshop.  

Regular seminars on how my business, organization and neighborhood can “go green” by adopting sustainable practices.

Host a seminar or invite a speaker on Sustainable Business with your organization. Contact SBN to make arrangements.

Volunteer to help “green” business and neighborhoods! And help at SBN events in spreading the word!

Green Business Sponsors support events like the Louisville & Bluegrass Energy & Green Living Expos, Green Business Directory and Festivals, Green Magic! @ the Derby, and more. Please contact us regarding Sponsor opportunities.

Please make checks payable to: Sustainable Business/NPSC Going Green and Local 

Working Together
Neighbors and businesses working together to create a green and healthy future -- That is the work of Sustainable Business Networks.

SBN encourages networks working together, such as:

  • BALLE - The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
    Keep Louisville Weird, Louisville Independent Business Association
    Co-op America
    National Green Pages
    Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo
    Berea Trading Post
    Sustainable Communities Network
    Sustainable Business Networks
    Imagine Louisville!
    Sustainable Louisville
    Louisville Green Pages
    Open Louisville

- And many others.

Supporting our existing and new networks to grow and learn from each other helps us move quickly towards sustainability.

Sustainable Business Networks
Growing Green and Local Community Businesses
+1 502 410 2786 

Sustainable Business Networks
c/o P.O. Box 4241
Louisville,, KY ., 40204