1st observation walk

Spring, 2009

After 3 lunchtime meetings, the student leaders decided to take a closer look at the first alley they plan to revitalize. Joining them on their walk were people from Cal State Los Angeles, UCLA, USC, the Cesar Chavez Foundation, the Museum of Tolerance, and LAPD.
During the walk they observed the current conditions and looked for opportunities for art, gardening, and improved safety.
The students in the Low Rider Bike Club looked for a safer route for their mode of transportation.

Included here are some of their observations.

Many of the walls are made of cinder block, some with and without additional security bars.  Some of the south facing walls may be more appropriate for plantings and some of the north-facing, shady walls may be better for art.  Students are sensitive to the abundance of taggers in the neighborhood and are seeking ways to integrate a variety of creative expressions on the walls.
The surface of the wall above was intriguing and the one below seemed to be very light fiberglass.  Working with such a variety of fencing material will only add to the creativity of the final alley design.  We're seeking to reclaim/reuse materials and not generate more waste in the process of "greening the alleys."  

"Peek a boo--Downtown!"

Although this is a more extreme example of the fences, it does remind us of the opportunity to reclaim/reuse the material and of the abundance of dirt along the edges, available for planting. We will need to reclaim water from improved paved surface (remember cars/bikes use this alley). Planting should help reduce overall pollution and enhance the transportation experience along the route.  

Bananas and Citrus plants behind another example of fence material along the alley.