1st Community Meeting

March 26, 2009

Bravo to the students for organizing their first community meeting!  Delio and Cesar worked past their initial fears and did a great job facilitating the meeting.  Laura did a great job preparing the powerpoint in Spanish and English.  The rest of the team helped direct people to Mr. Garcia's room and participated in the discussion.  Pats on the back to everyone!

Thank you to the neighbors for their thoughtful input and concerns.  Thank you too to Cal State LA for contributing so much talent and experience to the project.  The collaboration is invaluable.  We appreciate the Cesar Chavez Foundation for supporting our efforts from the start .  Jefferson High School staff and students are committed to seeing this worthwhile project through with all our partners.  Today was another step forward.

Next steps:  
Meet with more neighbors!
Get to know Cal State Los Angeles Students as we engage with more people in the neighborhood and with more parts of the city
Take a field trip to Cal State LA to learn about the college
Take a field trip around the city to observe more alleys and landscape
Design the Plan for our first alley with the help of UCLA extension landscape architects this summer.

Service Learning is fun!

Student leading the discussion