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Who Killed the Electric Car?

Several people told me I should watch this movie..."it's really good"  "it's more interesting than it sounds"  "it's not depressing, really" 

I just wasn't drawn to watching it, who cares about an impractical electric car built by GM?  I would never buy a car built by them, why would I want to watch a movie about one?  Well, as it turns out, the car wasn't impractical, it was sweet, and I was wanting one desperately after watching this movie.  And my friends were right - It was a much more interesting movie than I suspected it would be.

 The End of Suburbia

This is quite a film. I just watched The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream (2004) over two (distracted) nights at a friends house, but the message was clear. And I feel like I finally "get" peak oil, I keep hearing blurbs about peak oil, but I never understood its impact, and how it will affect us long before we run out of oil, until I watched this film. It also had me invisioning the not-so-distant future where all these expensive suburban developments will be ghost towns. The film seems to think the implications will be much more severe than just very expensive ghost towns, but you'll just have to watch it and decide for yourself.End of Suburbia DVD

V for Vendetta Delivers 

Sword fighting, bombs, beauty, fireworks, and conspiracy all laid upon the themes of our times and exported to London. V for Vendetta is a completely satisfying movie. Whole, compelling, entertaining, inspiring, and visually awe-inspiring it overcomes its flaws and delivers like few movies ever have. As the movie begins, you may wonder how this film ever saw the light of day. Its story line is lifted right from the Bush-Cheney administration’s corruption, blunders and propaganda and thinly veiled with an export of the setting to Britain. Perhaps the most amazing element of this movie is the acting. Consistently well-acted by all the the actors, those you would expect like Hurt, and those you might not, like um, Natalie Portman. Natalie is beautiful, and I found myself falling in love with her character during the movie, but I never thought she was even a mediocre actress. I have found most of performances to be some of the worst ever committed to film. But she pulls off her character her. Just like the brother brought out a worthy performance from Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, they have pulled off their magic again with another less than stellar artist. 

King Kong is Long... 

Love Jack Black, heard some good reviews (who paid them and how much?) But wow!! Long, disjointed, and splattered with painfully bad acting by Jack (to be fair he had to deliver some of the worst lines in cinematic history). King Kong, the ape, is awesome, and there are some entertaining parts. It is better than say, any of the three 'new' star wars movies, but still a major to King Kong DVDs (all versions)

"What happens in a field at dusk?!" - I Heart Huckabees 

The sweet extacy of it all.  A movie full of random bliss, glimpses of enlightenment, rants of swear words, fields of joy, and... The Blanket. link to Huckabees DVDs


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