Local Scavenger Hunts

Local resident Sue Santerre and her 6th grade daughter Sami were out for a walk a couple weeks ago and she started pointing out unique things about the houses they saw to pass the time. That afternoon walk turned into an idea to create a Scavenger Hunt for Sami and friends to do separately but then talk about together.

They had so much fun making them that they then decided to expand the idea and create Scavenger Hunts for all the area kids. To date, they have 14 complete for both Cumberland and North Yarmouth and decided to share them with us and ask that you share them with neighbors and friends too.

Help us spread the word and allow other kids, young and old, to add fun to their walks, check out new neighborhoods or just slow down and be in the moment.

As stated on each Scavenger Hunt, please follow all state and local laws and maintain safe social distance while on your hunts.

Sue has the cache of answers if you are interested to see how you did. Just send her an e-mail (listed on each form) and let her know what answers you need and she will get them to you.


Greely Rd Ext, Bea, Grove and Karole Scavenger Hunt - Copy.pdf
Glenview, Heather, Holly, and Bayberry Lane Scavenger Hunt - Copy.pdf
Willow, Broadmoor and Meadowview Road Scavenger Hunt.pdf
North Yarmouth Main Street Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Hemlock Dr. and Balsam Dr. Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Hillcrest Dr. & Woodside Dr. Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Main Street Cumberland Scavenger Hunt.pdf
School Campus Scavenger Hunt.pdf
ValHalla Area Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Pinewood Dr. and Crestwood Dr. Scavenger Hunt .pdf
Greely St. Ext, Phillip, Crystal, Lawn and Maple Scavenger Hunt.pdf