10th December


Dear friends and parishioners. With regret we announce that the Church Service this morning is cancelled due to severe snowfall. Stay home and stay safe. 

Thank you 

From the Committee

26th November

ANNOUNCEMENT : St. Stylianos Panegyrical Festivity 26 November 2017

Pastoral Visit of His Eminence Archbishop of Thyateira & Great Britain, Gregorios.

Matins and Celebratory H. Liturgy with Artoklasia will start at 09 am instead of the usual 09.30. Reception will follow in our Swinfen Harris Church Hall.

Notice: Please avoid (if possible) Memorials and Fanouropites.

27th August

Celebration of ST. FANOURIOS Day in the Church of St. Ambrosios and St. Stylianos on Sunday 27/8.
Anyone who would like to bring their FANOUROPITES to be blessed and honour the Saint is welcome to.


Our Church used to have four crosses we believe, one on each corner of the roof, back when it used to be St. Mary the Virgin. When it stopped being a church in 1968 (converted to a Community Centre in 1976), the crosses were removed.

When we moved in (2009) and re established the Church status of the building as St. Ambrosios & St. Stylianos and as we were conducting indoor repairs, we experienced a mini-miracle. Days after moving in, our neighbour found a cross as she was digging in her garden. She came in the Church and gave it to us. It was a smaller cross from the east corner. We were all shocked and so happy.

The cross was restored, after spending at least 41 years buried and was placed on one of the window ledges inside the Church, hoping that one day it could be placed back on the roof. More pressing matters occupied our time, like purchasing the adjacent Hall and restoring it. The cross kept waiting for its turn on the list of priorities. There was some pressure by parishioners that the cross should move higher up on our priorities, after all, that is one of the essential elements of any Christian Church. A wonderful couple offered to cover the cost of the installation and seemingly, the last hurdle was gone. Or so we thought.

We sought permission by the local council (that was easy) and then looked for who could install it. We even contemplated doing it ourselves. How hard could it be? Well harder than we thought. High lift equipment that had to be tall enough to do the job. Tall enough means wide enough too. That meant health and safety implications, there were crossing cables, potential road and pavement closures, associated permissions etc. Again the cross installation was moved to the "too difficult at the moment" list.

Until out of the blue almost and whilst discussing some roof work on the other side of the building with our Chairman Mrs. Beales, Nicholas Fuller of the reputable Thomas Betts & Co. made the "too difficult", so easy! Without too much fuss and with their well know expertise and love for everything historic, they installed our cross up high on the Stony Stratford skies. Those of us who saw it first were really overwhelmed and truly touched. We could stop looking up! We are now complete.

A big big thank you both to the donors who covered the cost and Mr. Fuller for making it look so easy.