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Dear friends and parishioners.

Our Community and our Church has a presence of more than 30 years and with great pleasure we announce that for the first time in all these years, it has now its own, permanent priest.

His Eminence, Archbishop Nikitas, announced that from the 1st of August 2020, our Church will be served permanently by Father Samuel Papachristoforou. A new day is upon us with this development. A church and a parish with its own permanent priest, has more potential and the spiritual support that a cleric brings to any Community.

One of the first signs of such a development is that we will have a few more Liturgies and praying services, on or before feasts. Additionally, we need to emphasise that the Sunday services schedule that our Church followed all these years (second and last Sunday of each month) is changing and it will now be every other Sunday.

We invite you all to welcome Father Samuel to our Community, with joy and gratitude.


Message from Father Samuel:

"To all the Sacred community and parish of The Orthodox Church St. Ambrose and St. Stylianos, Chapel of Panagia of Vlachernae, to all its committee, chanters, helpers, laity and all who make up this Sacred and wonderful community.

Having been asked to write a few words, I am writing to you all with much paternal love in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to inform you with much joy and humble gratitude for all your warmth, love and kindness, that as of the 1st of August his Eminence Archbishop Nikitas has appointed me to be your parish priest. I am humbly grateful for all your encouragement and support and look forward to working with and meeting you all and serving you all with heartfelt love and joy in The Holy Spirit.

With humble love in The Holy Spirit,



Dear friends and parishioners

With great pleasure we announce that after efforts that lasted many months, our Church and School classrooms have proper heating restored!

A lot of surveying was required and it was decided that the most economical and efficient method for our needs, was air-conditioning.

The cost for purchasing and installing the equipment was completely covered by the profits our Community made on the Greek Festival of Milton Keynes for the years 2018 and 2019 which we had saved, almost in full. There was a lot of volunteering work needed though as well.

The whole project was organised by our Treasurer Mr. Christos Tzallas who also transported the equipment free of charge.




A large candle or a little candle

That’s it, “Christ has risen” is over for this year. A few days ago, we had the Rendering of Easter and the Ascension. Let’s hope that next year, everything will be better.

The Holly days passed, with our church doors shut. Without the Chaire of the Akathist Hymn tou our Virgin Mary, without the bay leaves of the Palm Sunday and the Bridegroom.

The 2020 Easter will vnever be forgotten. It was different to all other Easters we have lived. The church was empty on Holly Thursday morning and no Crucifixion Procession in the evening. No Apokathilosis in the morning of Good Friday and of course, no Epitaph Mourning and procession outside our Church. The Myrrh-bearing girls remained idle and no chanting of the Egomia.

Everything remained dark on the night of the Resurrection, since there was no call for the faithful to receive the Holy Light. Darkness and silence prevailed in our Church courtyard since the sweet call of our little bell that escorts the many candles was not heard, as the Christ has Risen was not heard either.

Our Church remained shut on Easter Sunday too, no voices and no talks, the pulpit remained silent and the Gospel of the Resurrection Vespers was not read in none of the languages of the world.

On the thirteen Divine Liturgies that did not take place, the candle holding stands by the entrance of the church would have been full but now remained completely empty.

Each and every one of us would have lit a candle, small or large, “for the health” or “for the resting” of our loved ones, the living and the dead. The price of each candle, helps the upkeeping and maintenance of the Church of our patron Saints Ambrosios and Stylianos, the chapel of Panagia of Vlachernae , where our School also finds shelter, as well as the group of younger children, the “Little Lemon Tree”.

Let’s save the candle money on the side and send it to the Community account for GOCMK or bring it with us to Church, once God willing we are allowed back in. It needs it.


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Account Number: 50036285

One more thing: Nikos Efthymiou, our Nikos who helps the priest in the altar without rest for years and who for a long time grows plants, vegetables and salads that we sell in Church after the service for fundraising, he took an example from Captain Tom and he walked up and down his garden, totalling 500 metres! We could all sponsor him and offer a small or large amount for each metre he walked. Like the Greek saying says “With each bean, the bag fills up”.

With these thoughts and many wishes

Niki Beales




ΜΑΥ 2020

6th of May

From Alexios Florides, Youth Coordinator of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain:

"As some of you may be aware, we have started a new initiative: An online Sunday school for the young people of our Archdiocese.

Starting from this Sunday, the 10th May, through Zoom, we will be offering three sessions: 6-10y, 11-14y and 15-18y. "

Topic: Archdiocesan Sunday School 6-10y 10th May

Time: May 10, 2020 01:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 245 812 2132

Password: SundayTH10

Topic: Archdiocesan Sunday School 11-14y 10th May

Time: May 10, 2020 02:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 245 812 2132

Password: SundayTH10

Topic: Archdiocesan Sunday School 15-18y 10th May

Time: May 10, 2020 04:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 245 812 2132

Password: SundayTH10

1st of May

For the charity activities of the Archdiocese please click here.

APRIL 2020

Please find the Easter Message of His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas in Greek, English, Russian and Romanian here.

Pascha Greetings

London, Holy Pascha 2020

Beloved brother in Christ,

In the midst of the problematic conditions because of the pandemic and the unprecedented conditions that all of us clergymen are experiencing by celebrating holy services behind closed doors, without the presence of the faithful, having as our only consolation the forthcoming Resurrection of the Theanthropos, Who hangs from the wooden cross - the healer of souls and bodies, I communicate with you, wishing you from the bottom of my heart, as we enter into the period of Holy Week and the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord, an abundance of spiritual joy, health and happiness. May the Risen Lord strengthen and bless your pastoral work.

With brotherly greetings and utmost respect,

Fr. Nikodemos

MARCH 2020

1st of March


29th of February

23rd of February

Memorial day for Anna Jardine.


Our Church used to have four crosses we believe, one on each corner of the roof, back when it used to be St. Mary the Virgin. When it stopped being a church in 1968 (converted to a Community Centre in 1976), the crosses were removed.

When we moved in (2009) and re established the Church status of the building as St. Ambrosios & St. Stylianos and as we were conducting indoor repairs, we experienced a mini-miracle. Days after moving in, our neighbour found a cross as she was digging in her garden. She came in the Church and gave it to us. It was a smaller cross from the east corner. We were all shocked and so happy.

The cross was restored, after spending at least 41 years buried and was placed on one of the window ledges inside the Church, hoping that one day it could be placed back on the roof. More pressing matters occupied our time, like purchasing the adjacent Hall and restoring it. The cross kept waiting for its turn on the list of priorities. There was some pressure by parishioners that the cross should move higher up on our priorities, after all, that is one of the essential elements of any Christian Church. A wonderful couple offered to cover the cost of the installation and seemingly, the last hurdle was gone. Or so we thought.

We sought permission by the local council (that was easy) and then looked for who could install it. We even contemplated doing it ourselves. How hard could it be? Well harder than we thought. High lift equipment that had to be tall enough to do the job. Tall enough means wide enough too. That meant health and safety implications, there were crossing cables, potential road and pavement closures, associated permissions etc. Again the cross installation was moved to the "too difficult at the moment" list.

Until out of the blue almost and whilst discussing some roof work on the other side of the building with our Chairman Mrs. Beales, Nicholas Fuller of the reputable Thomas Betts & Co. made the "too difficult", so easy! Without too much fuss and with their well know expertise and love for everything historic, they installed our cross up high on the Stony Stratford skies. Those of us who saw it first were really overwhelmed and truly touched. We could stop looking up! We are now complete.

A big big thank you both to the donors who covered the cost and Mr. Fuller for making it look so easy.