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Welcome to the About Dani: Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair page. ~ Thank you for honoring me by wanting to know more. ~

A Goddess is Born

Spawned from the imagination of those around her, Dani: Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair came into existence in 2005. Known for her love of facial hair on men, as well as her magical ability to entice clean-shaven men into growing facial hair; this Greek Goddess only uses her tremendous powers for good . . . usually.

Hair of the Goddess

This goddess is a regular hair donor to the charity of her choice: Locks of Love. To date, 4 donations have been made, and the 5th is pending.

Tower of Power

Choosing to appear at the height of 5'10" via the amazingly sexy boots she wears, this goddess has been compared in build and stature (and sometimes temperament and character ) to her Amazon cousins.


Several new words and phrases have entered (or become renewed in) the mortal vernacular, due to the goddess's frequent usage of them. They include, "Chuh", "Face Rubbins", "Neck Rubbins", "Snug-Rub", and "Biteme" among others. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Goddess Song

Eimai Poly Kala - Anna Vissi

*NOTE: For some reason, Google Pages is no longer allowing embedded videos. Please go to this link to see the video.

Read the Dani: Greek Goddess of Men's Facial Hair Blog for fun men's facial hair news, trivia, and facts. 




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