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Homer's Iliad ~ Part 2

Saturday 9th November  2019

Taunton Library Meeting Room
09.45 – 13.00

Do let us know you are coming so we can reserve a place for you. For further information, please contact:

nigelsmith1048 [at] gmail [dot] com 
Tel. Nigel Smith: 01823 667221 

Books 2 - 3

Greek and Trojan forces face each other before Troy (in this the tenth year of the war), and Homer details from where, across Greece, the various contingents had come, interspersing brief biographies of some of the heroes. Helen of Sparta (known for ever as Helen of Troy) surveys the warriors from the walls of the city, pointing out the heroes below to the Trojan king, Priam. A duel, which might bring the war to an immediate end, begins between Menelaus (whose wife, Helen, absconded with the Trojan prince, Paris) and Paris himself. And the gods and goddesses continue to make their influence felt.

We will be reading Robert Fagles' translation of Homer's 
The Iliad (Penguin Classics, with notes by Bernard Knox).
Please bring along your own copy of the book - if possible. 
 NB - We have a small number of copies of this translation provided by the Library for newcomers wishing to 'try it out'. 

A FREE digital copy of Robert Fagles' translation of Homer's 
The Odyssey (Penguin Classics, omitting the notes by Bernard Knox) is here:

Join-in Readings

Just as with reading Shakespeare in our Shakespeare Aloud events, we read the play or epic tale taking turns to read sections around the circle of participants, with lots of opportunities to discuss what we are reading.
We have a short coffee-break in the middle to get our breath (and voices) back!

(You are welcome to listen in, even if you'd rather not join in.)