State Professional Development

Science PLUS and Mini-PLUS Workshops

The Science PLUS Institutes is funded by an Educational Improvement Act grant - your state tax money at work in a very direct way!  The grant was written specifically for Roper Mountain Science Center to educate the state's public school science teachers in hands-on activities for the classroom and to give science materials needed to teach those activities.  Since 1993, over 4,437 (and counting) South Carolina teachers, representing ALL of the state's school districts, have participated in Science PLUS classes!  
  • There is no application fee.
  • Housing fee is provided.
  • Applicants are selected from each district. 

We hope you will encourage your school's science teachers to apply for this program.  It is a wonderful opportunity for growth and professional development that benefits your students. 

Please see the link below to apply and for additional information.