A Message from the President

Dr. Brandis Hartsell

Hello, Supporters and Celebrators of All Things Scientific!

Welcome to GCSTA’s website and online newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with information and news via a “one-stop shopping” experience. We’re bringing GCSTA a little further into the 21st century by taking advantage of Google’s many organizational and record-keeping features. You’ll find helpful articles, important Association news, and all the forms and flyers you’ll need to join us for fun events,   maintain your membership, and nominate a great science professional for an award. So look for a plethora of positive changes on this website as the year progresses!

I’ve retired from the “best job in the world” (my quote!) at Roper Mountain Science Center where I was a marine and earth science department head. I can now devote more time to promoting the cause of great science teaching and learning, the importance of which cannot be understated. Feel free at any time to email me at brandyh53@gmail.com if you have suggestions for improvement or change regarding any aspect of this organization. We really do value your opinion!

 As always, encourage those you instruct to ask the right questions rather than give the right answers, and have an inspiring, exciting year!


 “The greatest discoveries in science have always been those that forced us to rethink our beliefs about the universe and our place in it.”

                                                                Robert L. Park


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PLEASE send us classroom news or activities along with a picture, your name, school, and grade level so we can show you off online. A lesson plan would be awesome, too! In addition, please send us information about an upcoming science event at your school or in the community. You can email Serena Cox at sdcox@greenville.k12.sc.us