Greedy Clique Expansion

This web page contains the source code for the benchmark implementation of the greedy clique expansion, which is a community assignment algorithm introduced in this paper. The algorithm stands out as particularly capable of recovering community structure in graphs with highly-overlapping communities.

Initially, we provide a sample implementation of the algorithm, and source code.  Data and tools necessary to replicate our benchmarks can be found here.

We also provide two compiled binaries, one for OSX, and one for Ubuntu 9.10.  Currently, our binary support is crude; we hope to add binaries and documentations for more platforms soon.

Instructions for implementation usage may be obtained by running the implementation with no parameters - two modes are available, one where all default values are used, and one where values for parameters may be manually specified.
Further data on the evaluation of this implementation will be available in due course, as will improved versions.

This application is currently intended for academic evaluation.  This GCE implementation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license.


To build:
run 'make' in the build directory - this will output a GCECommunityFinder binary.
To run:
run ./GCECommunityFinder with no parameters for help.
run ./GCECommunityFinder graphFileName for default parameters.

GCECommunityFinder outputs the found communities to standard output.  Progress messages are output to standard error.
Simply redirect standard output to a file to capture the found communities in a file.
Eg:  ./GCECommunityFinder graphFileName > foundCommunities.out

Compiled under ubuntu 9.10, and OSX; Tested with gcc 4.0, 4.2.
Please contact the authors for any additional information, or with bug reports.
Ubuntu binary:
OSX binary: