Web Tools to Leverage Libraries

Monterey Conference Center

Tuesday October 18, 2011
7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Follow the Twitter play-by-play. Cheer on your favorite team!
Conference Hashtag: #il2011

There are tools, tools, tools, but this event features learn, learn, learn while having fun! Our panel has ideas, but be sure to bring yours too! If we want to improve collaborative work, productivity, data representation, and research, what are the best web tools to use?

Three periods of play jam-packed with ideas, tips and tricks — and even power plays! Team 1 (Blue Jerseys) takes on Team 2 (Red Jerseys) with captains and players. Your game host keeps the pace going, and there is additional color commentary and expert analysis between periods. The game will be fast-paced, so be ready to tweet your cheers.

The Players

The Red Team

Amy Buckland, Captain @jambina
Ruth Kneale @desertlibrarian
Jeff Wisniewski @jeffwisniewski

The Blue Team
Blake Carver, Captain @LISNews
Lisa Carlucci Thomas @lisacarlucci
Michael Porter @libraryman

The Experts

Colour Commentator
Stephen Abram @sabram
Mr Abram is the illegitimate offspring of Canadian commentating legend Don Cherry who made Howard Cosell his bitch.  Stephen has been commentating on the library sector for decades and currently blogs at Stephen's Lighthouse.  Known for being a flashy dresser in plaid jackets and for being very loud with his opinions, Stephen will critically and colourfully commentate on the various team's performance while ensuring that no Russkies enter the field of competition.  Comments will be multimedia - tweets, blogs, walls and old-fashioned just plain yelling. 

Expert Analysts

Marshall Breeding @mbreeding
Darlene Fichter @fichter

The Broadcast Crew

Anita Brooks Kirkland @AnitaBK
Fancying herself as a distant relative of Hockey Night in Canada's distinguished host, Don McLean, and with many years of experience wrangling 4 to 18 year olds in school libraries, Anita is looking forward to hosting this amazing match where Internet librarians face off and match wits. She's a bit worried about keeping that Don Cherry knock-off Stephen Abram in line, though.

Top Tweep: Twitter Play-By-Play
Michael Sauers @msauers
Michael is the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission. He grew up just 90 driving miles from Canada (or 45 if you swim) so he is aware that hockey exists.

Technical Directors

Jane Dysart @jdysart
JD Thomas @techfun
Kathy Hogan Bayer