Lest We Forget - Poetry of the Great War


Since September 2011, I have been doing monthly WW1 poetry readings at the National Trust's Sandham Memorial Chapel. This however is my final year, and my last reading will be on the 6th October 2018.

Dates for monthly poetry readings in 2018:-
  • Saturday 7th April
  • Saturday 5th May
  • Sunday 3rd June
  • Sunday 1st July
  • Saturday 4th August
  • Saturday 1st September
  • Saturday 6th October
Please note there are no additional charges for the monthly poetry readings . 

"Our visit enhanced by some superb poetry readings by one of the volunteers"   Sep'13

"I've been so many times ..... and have enjoyed poetry readings there"   Jul'13

"... there was also a man reading WW1 poems which made it magical."  Feb'16

'Was quite emotional especially as we had a lovely speaker reciting war poetry".  Aug'17

I will  also be giving  talks at the Sandham Memorial Chapel on  Tuesday 22nd May 2018, commencing  at  11 am and at 2:30 pm,  entitled 'Lest We Forget: Poetry & Remembrance of the Great War', which examines the ways we  commemorate the Great War,  e.g. Unknown Warrior, Cenotaph, Poppy Appeal, etc., interspersed with reading of some of its best known and most iconic poetry.  

Note that this is an event in the Newbury Spring Festival  Programme 2018, and will need to be booked through their site  ... click here