Visit Japan Video Clip Project

Our  Video Messages;

Thank you for waiting our new video clip! :
● Enjoy Sake in Japan (in English, 2'33")  30th August
● Sake à boire au Japon (in French, 2'33")  29th August

Must see (most popular one)  :
● Sakura and guides Version (in English) 桜&ガイド編 8th April; is viewed by more than 8,450 times as of the 29th August 
Maiko, Geiko and Guides in Kyoto(Short Version) (in English, 2'27") 15 th May
And more (beautiful) :
● Asakusa with Sakura Version (in French) 浅草with桜編 5th April
●Reporting Aoi Festival of Kyoto, of the 15th May. (in English, 5'00")  京都葵祭編 27th May
If you are French  (Project Manager Tomo talks in French)  :
Et encore  (moving,  the first movie )  :
Bon courage Japon (in French) くじけるな日本 28th March
Trois mois après le séisme (in French, 2'39")  Tomo is now going to Miyagi for volounteer activities. 11th June

Media reports;
●AP wire services reported our activity:output in Norwegian Television.
●AFP wire services reported our activity; 
reproduced on BFMTV(shorter version) Japon:le tourisme en berne depuis Fukushima (in French)
●NTV, Japanese TV channel reported in their program "ZIP" on the 26th April about the efforts in progress to catch up foreign tourists, including the activities of our  "Visit Japan Video Clip Project" and Guide Tomo's guiding with three French people: ZIP-Hatenabi (in Japanese)
●PLS see also our "Links" page.

Our colleague guides also dispatch;
This is the video clip that our  colleague Kumi made.12th April
Saluti dal Giappone (in Italian)
This is the video clip that our Itallian speaking colleagues in Kansai made. 30th April
Tour in Japan april 2011 (in English
Our colleague Hide, English speaking tour guide interviewed his American and Canadian clients. 30th April
Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto 2011 (3'48")
Our member Aki filmed beautiful scenes of Sakura. 5th June
Invito a Kyoto (in Italian, 2'27")
Our Itallian speaking colleagues in Kansai made 2nd video clip. 21th May
Invito a Kyoto 2 (in Italian, 2'42")
Their 3rd one. 1st June
 This is the Video Clip Project by Japanese tour guides. 
 For the recovery of Japan, you can also help us by visiting this country.
 We, the tour guides in Japan, would like to express our deep sorrow for those who have passed away and to send our encouragements for those who are still under great difficulties, especially at refuges.
 And we would like to thank you for warm messages and sympathies we recieved from you. 

 その発信のひとつとして「がんばろう日本」「みんな、日本に観光にきてね」というガイドからのメッセージをこめたショート・クリップを製作して、このサイトやYouTubeなどで公開してアピールしていきたいと考えます。賛成してご協力をいただけたら、うれしいです。どうかよろしくお願いいたします。(ガイド TOMO、ほか通訳ガイド有志一同)


Project Updates

  • <Let's enjoy Sake in Japan > Version【日本で酒を楽しむ】編 Shooting: on 22th August in Tokyo, will be on site on the 1st of September.Details for participants (in Japanese).
    Posted Jul 5, 2011, 6:31 AM by Tomoyuki Nagano
  • 【舞妓・芸妓&ガイドat京都編】<Maiko, Geiko and Guides in Kyoto Version> Shooting: 26th AprilOn site: 1st of May.
    Posted May 1, 2011, 6:02 PM by Tomoyuki Nagano
  • 【桜&ガイド編】<Sakura and guides Version> Shooting: 7th AprilOn site: 8th April<Sakura and guides Version>
    Posted May 2, 2011, 4:22 PM by Tomoyuki Nagano
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