Welcome to Helen's Great Shelford history website
This is a site devoted to our village and its history from the far past to the present. It is a work in progress, so you will not find systematic entries, but pieces as they are completed. It is based on my own research, on the work of Great Shelford Oral History Group and on a number of books which have already been written about the village. The website is intended to be of interest mainly to the Shelford community: those of us who live, or have lived here, and have a general interest in the village. As a by-product it will undoubtedly be of interest to family historians whose forebears have lived in the village.
    I have written mainly for the general reader. The site is intended to be fun, but is not without reference to the serious lessons that history can teach us. I have also tried to give background information so that Shelford is not viewed in isolation from the wider currents of history. It is not an academic site, but I have included source references and details of further reading for those who wish to do more research for themselves, or check up on my facts!

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    I hope that, if you have enjoyed reading, and you have comments or information to add, you will contact me.

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