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Great Shelford news from June 2017

Great Shelford burglaries

There have been two burglaries in Great Shelford.

A house in Cambridge Road, Great Shelford was broken into between 7.45am and 1.15pm on October 10.

In the second incident, a house in Hinton Way was broken into in the early hours of October 11.
Brand band break in

A brass band had their belongings stolen while playing at St Mary's Church in Great Shelford.

Members of the band had locked their belongings in the nearby hall on Friday October 13. Thieves have broken in and stolen several bags and their contents.
Special council suggestion sessions

Long-term suggestions to address housing and traffic issues in Great Shelford are going to be considered by the Parish Council over the next four months.It will be devoting 15-20 minutes in each Parish Council meeting over the next few months to look at some of the key village issues in detail. There will be an opportunity for village residents to ask questions and comment on the issues. The current timetable is:

18 October Parish Council finances. The Council is currently running a larger than normal cash surplus. Are they happy continuing to do so? What is the likely impact on the precept for 2018-19. Current cash v Grange Field acquisition costs and other issues. Lead: Helen Harwood

15 November Neighbourhood Plan, Housing and Planning. Status of NP, acceptance of Housing Needs Survey and further actions to support it. Blue sky exercise – at the moment GSPC is largely constrained to making piecemeal changes. The NP gives the Council a once in a generation opportunity to (try to) be more radical. They need to look at the land available in the village centre and how we could plan its use to ameliorate the pressure on village facilities. Lead: Bridget Hodge

17 January 2018 Highways. Current status, 2018 Local Highways Initiative, re-evaluation of existing assumptions (no one-way system, no traffic calming, no expansion to car parking, etc.): Lead: Barrie Ashurst

21 February 2018 Recreation. Playscape and Grange Field ++. Lead: Malcolm Watson
These are key issues for the Village. Please come along to the Parish Council meetings and make your views known.

Jogger attacked

A jogger was mugged by two men who grabbed him while he was running on the cycle path from Cambridge to Great Shelford.

The incident happened on September 29.
The 30-year-old man was running from Addenbrooke’s Hospital towards Great Shelford, along the ‘DNA’ cycle path in Granham’s Road at about 7pm when two men jumped out from the bushes and grabbed him..

But he managed to run away, suffering a minor injury.

The muggers are described as in their early 20s, under 6ft tall, slim and wearing black.

Woollards Lane roadworks

Woollards Lane will be closed to cars and lorries during most of November while a new pedestrian crossing is built.

Work was due to start in Woollards Lane on Monday October 2. But the installation of the crossing has been delayed again.
The crossing installation was scheduled to take place between October 2 until October 20th according to the Roadworks website.

It is now supposed to be taking place between Nov 6 and Dec 1st.

The pedestrian crossing is being built outside of Tesco's in Woollard's Lane.

You can see the formal road works notice here.
Shelford pupil in school scare

Police now say that a suspicious incident involving two pupils walking from Stapleford school on Monday, September 25 was down to "a misunderstanding."

Sam Collings, from Great Shelford, said that her son was told to "get in the car" at around 3.45pm outside Stapleford Primary School in Mingle Lane.

He was one of two boys from years 5 walking home from school and were on Gog Magog Way. 

However police have now issued this statement:

"You may have heard or seen on social media that there was a suspicious incident in Stapleford on Monday where two young boys from the primary school reported being approached by a man and a woman in a car. This has, understandably , caused some concern amongst parents in the area. Please read on...

"I went to Stapleford school yesterday at school end of day to put in some hi vis patrols and make some enquiries. It has transpired that this was a misunderstanding. One of the boys had fallen over and grazed his hand. A driver, who is a parent at the school, had witnessed this and pulled over, wound down his window and asked if he was alright. The driver did ask where he lived and followed that with advice to get home as soon as possible to get some attention to the wound. I am as satisfied as I can be that this was the incident referred to and that there is no need to be unduly worried at this time. That said, we can never be too careful where our children are concerned and it is always good to continue to give advice about talking to strangers and to alert someone as soon as possible if they are concerned. There was nothing wrong with these boys reporting this and it is always better that we establish an innocent explanation than nothing being reported at all.

I hope this puts your mind at rest."

Chris Wiseman

OFO comes to Shelford

One of the yellow OFO bikes was spotted at Great Shelford Rail Station on Saturday 9th September, left unlocked and with defective brakes (all brake shoes loose & one rear one missing), rear reflector broken & missing (apparently bikes only have a front light powered by dynohub). 

Generally the bikes look well made and even have a built in bell fitted to the handlebar grip. Side stand was loose & bent but a very fragile attachment. A quick ride up the road found it an easy bike to ride, but the single gear was hard work on inclines. 

Sadly I dont see these bikes surviving the ruff & tumble of public use and I am sure many will be vandalised & dumped, particularly if left unlocked, OFO bikes are hire bikes that can be picked up off the street and unlike 'Boris Bikes' in London don't have docking stations. Just ride and leave it on the street for next user, they are normally unlocked with a phone app, this one had a combination lock that the last user had failed to lock. The hire fee is debited from your account via a phone app, so not sure if you continue to pay if lock is not secured on leaving the bike!

Report & pics; John Wakefield

Blue bin caddies could be scrapped

There will be no need for Great Shelford residents to use paper caddies from mid-December, in a move to simplify the recycling process.

From 11 December 2017, residents should place used paper directly into their blue wheelie bins for recycling.

The withdrawal of caddies also means fewer waste collection vehicles will in future be needed, helping save taxpayers around £670,000 during the next seven years compared to the existing system.

Trucks will cover around 26,000 fewer miles per year on South Cambridgeshire’s roads than the current arrangement.

After 11 December, residents can keep their caddies and use them however they wish. Alternatively, they can be taken to a household waste recycling centre for recycling. They should not be placed into wheelie bins.

Bus passengers left without a bus

Passengers were left standing at Mingle Lane bus stop on Saturday 2nd September when the 7A bus service failed to run after Cambridgeshire County Council failed to initiate the contract with new operator on that date. 

Whippet the previous operator terminated their contract on Friday 1st September with the last bus running from Babraham Park & Ride at 18.30 to Whittlesford. 

A spokesman for the new operator A2B Bus & Coach said they were not instructed to commence the service until Monday 4th September (there is no Sunday 7A service) despite the council advertising that A2B would take over the service on Saturday 2nd.

A2B Bus & Coach started operating the 7a bus service on Monday 4th September. The bus is a 30 seat low floor Dennis Dart It is planned to use a smaller bus in near future. The 7a is a Cambridgeshire County Council supported service between the P&R and Whittlesford passing through Great Shelford, Stapleford, Sawston Pampisford & Hinxton

John Wakefield.

Travellers at Shelford Rugby Club

Travellers set up camp at Shelford Rugby Club on August 29. Nine vehicles and caravans are involved. They left the club 48 hours later, on September 1st.

They were believed to have been some of the same travellers who camped at Stapleford Recreation ground earlier in the summer.

The travellers had parked around the second team pitch. The club has spent thousands of pounds over the summer having that pitch reseeded. 

The youth team had to postpone training on the pitch on August 30th.

Old bikes needed

The Great and Little Shelford School PTA needs more pre- teen, teen and adult bikes for their sale in October.

People can either contact james.prisk@ntlworld.com or the PTA at pta@shelfordschool.org.uk . If you sell a bike through the PTA, you keep 70% of the sale , and they take 30%. 

The bikes are picked up and serviced by the PTA and either returned if unsold or profits forwarded on.

Resident stops house burglary
Two men tried to enter a property in Redhill Lane, Great Shelford at around 4pm on August 23.

They have tried to enter through an unlocked door. The men were disturbed by the owner and ran off from the location. One of the men was described as early 30’s with a grey flat cap.Fortnightly Writing Group

Are you a budding writer? Poet? Blogger? Want to improve your technique or start from scratch?

Join a termly 8 week programme of classes which will develop your skills in a range of forms including fiction, non-fiction, and performance writing.

If you're already working on a project, you can share your writing with a supportive group and receive helpful feedback.

Classes will be held at Great Shelford Library, Woollards Lane, CB22 5LZ on Thursdays 7-8.30pm from Sept 14th - Dec 21st. £80 per term.

Contact creativewriting@virginmedia.com or call 07904 297346 for more details or to reserve your place.
Parish Council opposes new garden village 

A new town development of 5,000 homes close to Great Chesterford threatens to put even more pressure on the A1301 through Great Shelford. The new development is predicated on most of the residents taking up new jobs being created in and around Cambridge.

The development is being proposed without any improvements in infrastructure, especially the A1301. The deadline for comments on the development is 4 September.

Great Shelford Parish Council strongly opposes the proposed development and we would encourage residents to contact Uttlesford DC to register their concerns. More details at http://www.stopnugv.org.uk/ If you would like to discuss this, please contact either Bridget Hodge or Mike Nettleton.
Housing needs public meeting
Most of you know that your two Parish Councils have agreed to formulate a joint Neighbourhood Plan. There are a number of benefits from doing this, not least that it will give us more control over decisions on planning and development in the two villages, rather than those decisions being taken for us by the District and County Councils. This is crucial for both villages.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has already conducted extensive consultations with residents. A major part of the jigsaw is the Housing Needs Survey, which was circulated to all residents in the Spring. On 5 September you will have your chance to review and comment on the survey in the Great Shelford Memorial Hall at 7pm. Please do make every effort to come along – it is your chance to influence the way in which your villages develop.

The Housing Needs Surveys are on these websites: http://greatshelfordparishcouncil.gov.uk/ and https://sites.google.com/site/staplefordonline/stapleford-parish-council Also copies in Great Shelford Library. If you need further information or details of the meeting, please contact Mike Nettleton on 721366/07905 356468.

Nigel Pett – Chair Stapleford Parish Council

Mike Nettleton – Chair Great Shelford Parish Council

Residential trip to Cumbria 

This Summer SSYI (Shelfords & Stapleford Youth Initiative) and Romsey Mill took 12 young people from the Shelfords, Stapleford and Sawston areas on a residential activities trip to Cumbria. Led by youth workers Ollie, Zac and Tina they all took part in a week of Ghyll Scrambling, Kayaking, Climbing, Mining and many other adventurous activities, as well as lending a hand in the cooking and cleaning during the week.

The trip was designed to encourage resilience, communication and self-efficacy skills and the outcomes of this residential have been hugely rewarding. We reviewed their ‘distance travelled’ and 100% of the young people explained they had increased confidence and more hope for the future. All the young people enjoyed themselves rating the trip a of 9.3 out of 10 on average! One young person said that the residential was “the best one ever” and he has “overcome my fears because of these people for encouraging me”. The young people boldly squeezed themselves through a lead mine, slid down a chilly river, and spent most of their time kayaking pushing each other in the lake (including the instructor)!

The residential wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of many of the local parishes, churches, charities and regular givers to both SSYI and Romsey Mill. We would like to say a huge thank you to you all.

For more information about both charities, to support our work or to see the full report contact Ollie O’Meakin on ollie.omeakin@romseymill.org or visit www.ssyi.club or www.romseymill.org

  Shelford library survey

Great Shelford library is facing an uncertain future according to the Friends of the Library.

The group has has decided to seek the views of those who currently use the library and also those that don't use the library about how the committee can respond to future changes.

You can complete the online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/H85R9TF

Surveys can also be found at the library itself. The surveys need to be completed by September 16.

Shelford bus changes

A bus service serving Great Shelford and Stapleford will have a new operator from September.

Whippet Buses has announced that it is stopping proving the 7a bus service which travels along Hinton Way and Mingle Lane from September 2.

The 7a will now be provided by A2B. This is the 7a timetable.

 Whippet said that the planned changes have been made in close consultation with Cambridgeshire County Council after six months of careful consideration and dialogue with the Council on ways to keep the affected services running.

“We recognise the impact this will have on our communities, communities that Whippet Coaches, our drivers and our staff are a part of. However, low patronage and fare collection on the affected services mean they have been operating at a loss for the past two years, with 
Whippet subsidising the operating costs,” said a statement from Whippet.

Five Shelford break-ins

There were at least five sheds/garages/outhouses that were broken into in Cambridge Road, Great Shelford overnight on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th July.

 In some cases nothing was taken although damage was done to the buildings. Where items were taken this seems to be mainly tools and gardening equipment such as lawn mowers and strimmers.

 There was one other reported in nearby Red Hill Close around the same time.
Major new housing development proposed for Great Shelford and Stapleford

A major housing development in Great Shelford and Stapleford is being offered online by an Essex developer.

The 29 acre site would include 180 homes and a care village alongside “low-density residential development”.

The entrance to the development would be off Mingle Lane. Most of the homes would be in Stapleford.

A Facebook campaign has been launched by Andrew Kennedy to oppose the proposals.

The development is being touted by Essex company Scott Properties.

Their website states: “The site extends to 29 acres and is located to the South of Cambridge, with excellent connectivity into the city by road and rail. We are proposing a low-density residential development alongside a care village to address local demand, as well as new green infrastructure and amenity spaces.”

The proposal is on current Green Belt land and does not currently have planning permission.

Scott Properties told Great Shelford Online: “The 29-acre site off Mingle Lane, Great Shelford is currently being promoted through the appropriate stages of the Local Plan. The proposals for the site consist of a substantial area of open space and landscaping, a care village and a low-density bungalow development to address local and district demand.”

Scott Properties describes itself as “a Strategic Land Promoter to Landowners and Local Authorities in East Anglia.”

You can read the full details of the proposal on their website here.

See headlines from the developers report, proposed site maps and read the full report itself on the Stapleford Cambridge website.

*The "Cambridge South" science park proposal behind Shelford Rugby Club comes up for public scrutiny shortly at the Local Plan Hearings.
The proposal is outlined in Appendix 4.

The hearing took place on Wednesday July 12. The outcome will be announced later in the year.

£1,000 grant for Playscape

Great Shelford Playscape has been awarded a Community Chest grant by South Cambridgeshire Council

The £1,000 grant will be used for the construction of a bridge across a ditch on the Rec at Woollards Lane as part of the transformation of the copse into a den building space.

 Newsagents to close

McColl's newsagents in Woollards Lane closed in July.

The shop has been on the market for some time.

"Our store at 46 Woollards Lane will be closing at the end of trade on Friday 14 July," said a letter to customers from Area Manager Jason Wilton.

Their home delivery service will be moving to Martin's store in Cherry Hinton.

Newspapers will still be available in Great Shelford from the Co-op and Tescos.

The news follows the closure of Matthew Lewis’ hairdressers and Burr Shoes on Woollards Lane earlier in the year.

£70 per pot hole in Great Shelford

Cambridgeshire County Council is demanding £70 for every pothole they fill in in Great Shelford.

The Parish Council demanded action and provided a list of dangerous pavements and roads in the village in 2016.

Despite the comprehensive survey, no repairs were carried out.

Now the county council says it will carry out “emergency pot hole repairs”.

But they have warned Great Shelford Parish Council that any other repairs will cost Great Shelford council tax payers £70 per hole.

Read the other actions and issues from the May Great Shelford Parish Council meeting.

Gravestone for Nazi spy in Great Shelford

A gravestone for a Nazi spy buried in Great Shelford has been given the go ahead by the Parish Council. 

Wilhelm Ter Braak was a Dutch spy who was buried in what was an unmarked grave in the village cemetery in Great Shelford during the second world war. 

Ter Braak was a Dutch espionage agent working for the Germans who operated for five months in England. He is believed to have been the German agent who was at large for the longest time in Britain during the Second World War.

When he ran out of money, Ter Braak committed suicide in a public air raid shelter in Cambridge. It is not known why he was buried in Great Shelford.

The gravestone is being organised by Ter Braak’s family in Holland.

They have proposed the following wording:

Engelbertus Fukken (Ter Braak’s real name)

28 VIII 1914 The Hague, 30/31 III 1941 Cambridge.

A book about Ter Braak, called "Spion tegen Churchill" by Leven en dood van Jan Willem ter Braak was published in April 2017 through a Dutch publisher www.walburgpers.nl

The story featured in the Mail Online, Cambridge News, the Mirror and the Sun. It also featured on Anglia TV.

A fourth estate agents and second barbers for Great Shelford

Another estate agents is moving into Great Shelford.

Redmayne, Arnold and Harris are taking one of the vacant shops in Woollards Lane.

They join Haart, Tucker Gardner and Sharmann Quinney.

And a second barbers shop called Antonio's has opened in the former Matthew Lloyd premises.

Daytime burglar disturbed

A daytime burglar was disturbed by a homeowner in a break-in in Great Shelford.

A house in High Street, Great Shelford was broken into on May 4 at around midday.

The burglar was disturbed by the home owner but not before he had smashed the glass in a back door.

The offender is described as white with short cropped fair hair, about 5’ 5”. He was wearing a dark blue/black baseball cap, dark blue/black jumper, white or light coloured shirt underneath, dark blue/black cotton trousers.

Parking problems

Inconsiderate parking on footpaths continues in Leeway Avenue. These two cars were spotted tonight (Saturday 13th May). One a silver Volvo completely blocking the path, and the second a black Audi parked right on the corner. John Wakefield.

Parish Council Chair Mike Nettleton responded:

We need to split 'inconsiderate' and 'illegal'. My view 

•The Volvo is parked illegally as it is totally obstructing the footpath.

•The Audi may be parked illegally, depending on whether it is within 15m of the junction.

Here is a letter from the area's Police Chief about the issue: 

Village parking problems

I am aware from the many emails South Cambs officers receive and from Neighbourhood Panel meetings that parking is a constant concern for many residents in villages across South Cambridgeshire.

Many of you may know that I cannot prioritise parking patrols over investigating and preventing crime and responding to calls for service. In light of this, it means that my officers might not do as much parking enforcement as many of you would like.

I have been giving some thought on how we can meet your expectations on parking enforcement and I have decided that we are going to try something new. I have therefore set up an online web-page where you can report concerns about parking. The information that you give us will go directly to me and will help us build a picture of the exact hot-spots for parking issues. I will then use this information on targeted 'crack-down' days. There is some good evidence that crack-downs work in other areas of policing so we are going to try it for parking. For obvious reasons I will not be publicising the dates of the crackdowns in advance, but updates will be sent to you by e-cops, twitter and facebook once we have completed a crackdown day

 The web page is now live and you can find it here:


I am not pretending that this will solve all parking problems, however, I do think that it strikes the right balance between dealing with parking concerns and the other important work that we do.

Recent Media Coverage about Policing in Villages

Some of you may have seen recent media reporting regarding our policing of villages. I would like to emphasise that we do prioritise policing of the villages but what I do ask is that my officers prioritise the ‘hottest’ areas within our villages. This does mean that certain areas in some villages get more attention than those villages with very low crime. I believe this is a sensible approach to policing which most of you would agree with. The main benefit of our local policing structure is that you have your own, dedicated local resources that are responsible for policing South Cambs rather than the City.

 I have sought to put as much time and effort as possible over the last three years into crime prevention events in the villages (first Op Oaklands and more recently Op Hunter). Your local officers and I work hard to give you the best, most intelligent policing service we can but if you do have any concerns please do get in touch - or come to our next round of neighbourhood panel meetings where you can join in the discussion.

Chief Inspector James Sutherland - Area Commander - South Cambs

Post Office update

Royal Mail will no longer leave undelivered large items of mail at the new Post Office at the Kash Stores in Hinton Way it has emerged.

The Post Office says there is insufficient storage at the Post Office/Kash Stores. (See the notice, left).

Any items that cannot be posted through letter boxes will have to be collected from the Royal mail depot in Clifton Road, Cambridge or redelivered by the post person at a date & time when someone is at home to receive them. John Wakefield

Award for new hospice

Arthur Rank Hospice’s £10.6 million home at Shelford Bottom scooped the Project Of The Year award at the 2017 RICS East of England awards on 10 May. 36 of the region’s most impressive and community beneficial property schemes battled it out at the evening hosted by Melissa Porter, best known for presenting the BBC programmes ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’ and ‘Escape to the Country’.

Designed by LSI Architects and constructed by Barnes Construction, the Arthur Rank Hospice was the winner of the Community Benefit category at the region’s ‘Property Oscars’. The building was then subsequently named the East of England Project of the Year at the prestigious construction awards, ahead of seven other category winners.