Welcome to the home page for Grissom Robotics. We are known as team G.R.E.A.T, which stands for Grissom Robotics Engineering Applications Team.

 Our team is a part of the Virgil I Grissom High School's Academy of Applied Math and Science that was established in 2009. The Virgil I. Grissom High School Robotics Team is currently comprised of 12 students, 10 mentors, 2 teachers, and several volunteers. The team builds two robots a year and competes in two robotics competitions each year. The BEST competition in the fall and the FIRST competition in the spring. The robotics team at Grissom is always looking for new members, the only requirement is that you be a registered student at Grissom High.


G.R.E.A.T. Robotics Finally Competing (2014)
After waiting four long weeks we are finally at New Orleans and ready to compete.  With all of our hard work, we are ready to show our robots off to the other teams. Practicing on April 3, Thursday, and setting up the pit we took a look at the other teams. Although the real fun begins on April 4, Friday, when we compete with everyone and see who gets into seeding rounds (semi-finals). Then April 5, Saturday, the championships!   

Robots in the Rocket City (2014)
On February 23, NASA hosted a Media Day for the FRC and FTC teams in the area. The Media Day allowed the teams to show off their robots to the team's sponsors and the public. We along with other FRC teams were there. Below is a link to a waaytv website to show photos and videos from NASA's Media Day. 

FLL (2014)
On January 25 we hosted a FLL and FTC Tournament over the weekend at our school just like last year. GREAT members were involved in refereeing, directing the flow of the event, and providing concessions to attendees. 

Pictures from 2014: