Tender Roasted Cauliflower


1 Head of Cauliflower
Onion or Shallot
Olive Oil, Salt, and Pepper

Set the oven to 450. Grab a long skinny knife. We're about to take down a head of cauliflower. The idea is to slip the knife into the middle at an angle and give the cauliflower a complete turn so all the remaining leaf bits are cut away with the core.  

Now you can just grab the whole thing and easily break it into a bunch of individual florettes. Don't waste any of the stems, slice them up and see how they roast up very differently than the rest, almost like a sweet sauteed onion.

Break the bigger florettes down until you have a lot of pieces about the size of a marble. Drizzle a big sheet pan with olive oil and transfer everything to be seasoned and tossed with salt and pepper and one little secret. Planed onion. If you don't have a microplane, get one. But until then you can grate the onion on the finest teeth of the box grater. You just need a tablespoon or so of juicy pulp to really add a nice little something extra to this dish.  OR, even better - if you happen to have a shallot, use that and the sweet mild flavor will pay off in a big way.


And finally another drizzle of olive oil and scoop and toss everything until it is coated completely.

Pop it in the oven, give it a stir at 15 minutes and check again 10 minutes later and taste test. Bring it out just after the florettes soften and the last hint of crunch is gone, about 30 mintues total.  It does make a difference to leave it in the oven until the pieces are browning up and softened so that the natural sugars are caramellized and the flavor greatly enhanced.

Jan Burke. http://dailydishinblog.blogspot.com/