Caramelized Grilled Peaches

3-6 Peaches
2 Tbs Butter
1 Tbs Brown Sugar
1 Cup (6 oz pkg) Fresh Raspberries
3 Tbs Sugar
1 tsp Lemon Juice

Peel and halve the peaches, remove pit.  Place butter and brown sugar in glass bowl or measuring cup and microwave 1 minute only. Immediately whisk the bubbling mixture vigorously to produce caramel sauce. Brush this onto both sides of peach halves and place on hot grill in the area with lowest heat. Watch very closely, checking maybe every minute so that sugar coating doesn't burn. They will probably be ready to turn within 2-5 minutes. Give them the same time on the other side and remove before they soften too much. 

The raspberry sauce can be made up to a day ahead if you like. Simply rinse berries and process with sugar and lemon juice till smooth in the food processor.  If you don't like the seeds, strain through a fine mesh strainer, pressing with spatula to extract all juice. Taste for sweetness and adjust if necessary. The peaches will be sweet already, so don't overdo it! Drizzle about a tablespoonful over each peach half and serve.