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Kawasaki City blends modernity, shopping and culture with history and vibrancy. 

Kind of a Japanese Edmonton.






Kawasaki: A True Must-See   by Tom Takihi

Looking for a travel destination in Japan? You need not search further as Kawasaki City in Japan could give you all you're looking for in a place and more. Located between cities Yokohama and Tokyo, Kawasaki is one of the most populated cities in Japan and in the world. It is a place where modernity is reflected along with Japanese history.

Let us enumerate the places you simply cannot miss when you go to Kawasaki. From exciting recreational areas to learning institutions, the list of great places in Kawasaki goes on and on. Visiting a place always means learning its culture, and where else can you learn much culture and traditions than in museums which are built for the very purpose of preserving such. The Kawasaki Civic Museum showcases many materials and products indicative of the culture in Kawasaki city. For a more scientific learning, however, the Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki exhibits all kinds of high vision, multimedia projects on science, technology and electronics. Whether you are young or young at heart, you're sure to have fun while learning in this science museum. If you want a breath of fresh, clean air, then the Ikuta Green Park is the place for you. Located at the corner of Tama Hill, the park is the biggest green area in the city. The scenic beauty of nature is complemented with various facilities such as a golf course, a house park, and two museums to complete the fun. If you're craving for a much more rugged nature, then you may be looking for the Kanagawa-Prefecture Higasitakane Forest Park. The park includes features such as a swamp plant garden, historical monuments and an observation platform. For sports fanatics or for people simply wanting to shed more calories, Kawasaki has its share of sports centers like the Yonetty Tsutsumine and the Kawasaki-City Todoroki Arena. The latter, specifically, is the biggest multi-purpose facility in Kawasaki and can be used in all types of events such as concerts or international conventions. Probably the most famous attraction in Kawasaki City, however, is the Port of Kawasaki, which can be found at an outstanding location and excellent access by land, sea, and air. Specifically, the port is located along the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway and the Bay-shore Route. A premier distribution hub, it is an industrial port that allows smooth and cost-effective goods trading not only in Kawasaki but in all of Japan and offers great convenience in business and personal transportation. Among the benefits of the Port of Kawasaki as an international port of commercial trade is the new deep-water container terminal designed to be used by oceangoing vessels. Aimed to boost the port's freight-handling capacity, the terminal is expected to produce much economic good for the region. The Port of Kawasaki also allows easier and more efficient air-freight handing by serving as a link between the Haneda and Narita airports. For all these reasons, the port is expected to become one of the country's most important new commercial and logistical centers of activity. At present, more container terminals are being constructed to develop the international trading port. Culture, science, history, modernity. Visit Kawasaki and experience this all.

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Tom Takihi is the proud owner of Japan Discovery, the largest portal of information of Japan on the web. To learn more about Kawasaki, please visit-: http://www.japandiscovery.com/cities/Kawasaki

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