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 Some of the children get into the game at a KevCon, one of our games gatherings.

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       JIGG was co-founded by Steve Brown, better known as STAN! and Kevin Burns  in  1991. 


 JIGG allows people who enjoy playing games of all kinds to find each other.   Click on the links to our various forums and opponent finders at Yahoo Groups and Google in order to find players like yourself throughout Japan.



We play a variety of games including wargames, role playing games or RPGs, computer games, boardgames, card games, collectible card games or CCGs, traditional games like chess, shogi and go, and many, many more.


People arrange to play games by joining one or more of the clubs below and posting there to tell others what they like to play, and when and where they can meet.  Don`t be shy, introduce yourself and tell us about your favourite games.  Chances are there is someone else who likes the same game.                  


Pictured: a game of Alhambra